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Announcement: Boost Your Pre-sale Activities With Our Project-Based Lead Research

Ever since we started helping other businesses fix their pain points to grow sales and revenue, we discovered different bottlenecks that were slowing down progress. Two of the bottlenecks for businesses that we work include presales and activities around that sales stage.

Pre-sale activities play a really important part in increasing sales. Having a ready-to-contact list of leads with all the information up-to-date is one of the first steps in the sales development process that can help your sales team succeed.

What we can do for your business

We have a ready-made solution that can speed up the whole pre-sales process and set your sales team up for success.
Project-based lead research is our add-on service created to enhance the results of your lead research.
To save time and money, you can temporarily add another researcher for just $10/h and boost your current project’s output.
On the other hand, if you are not a customer of TaskDrive, this option is our invitation for you to test drive our service without a long-term commitment.

Some of the tasks we can perform for you:

  • Boost Current Projects
  • Clean up lists with bounced Emails
  • Event-Based Research
  • Lead Enhancement


What do you get

When you purchase hours for project-based lead research, we focus on creating a list based on your requirements and your ICP (ideal customer profile).

What makes us different from other services on the market are three factors:

A Customer Success Manager will work with you to define the pain points and help you choose the best Playbook for your needs.

Our lead researchers are highly-trained and skilled with different lead research tools to ensure high-quality leads.

A QA department that will make sure that all the contacts and email addresses are valid. This will increase your deliverability rate and minimize email bounces.


How it works

Setting up a project with us is simple.

  1. Sign up for our Project-Based Lead Research service.
  2. You will receive an email with instructions:
    • to schedule a call with our Operations Manager
    • to fill a form with your research requirements
  3.  We then have an initial consultation where we define the KPIs, go through an onboarding checklist, and connecting with you on Slack for real-time communication.
  4.  Once your lead research project starts, we run it based on the number of hours you purchased with us and we deliver you quality results.


How to get started

We have tried and tested procedures with various tools and platforms that enable us to deliver you only the best quality leads that are most likely to convert.
Sign-up now and let us help you fill your sales pipeline with quality leads that actually convert.

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Create sales conversations with TaskDrive so that your team can focus on high-value activities.


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