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Announcing the TaskDrive Partner Program

We are excited to announce our official Channel Partner Program!

Partners are always a very important part of your business. Be it businesses who want to add your product or service in their offerings, or existing customers who wish to refer other potential customers to you as they have been so impressed with the customer experience you have delivered.

At TaskDrive, we recognize how important both our partners and customers are, so we have put together a partner program that rewards you — and it lasts for life (yes, you read that right.)

What do you get

For every referral that you send our way which results in a successful sign-up, we reward 10% commission on the total recurring sale for life.


For example: If you have sent us a total of 10 referrals so far and their total subscription plans amount to $10,000 per month, you would get 10% ($1,000) for as long as these 10 referrals use TaskDrive. Be it 3 years, 5 years, or more, we keep our word.

So how do we track this and reward accordingly?


How it works

TaskDrive GrowSumo

We use GrowSumo to keep track of your partner account and the referrals that you send. You need to register for a GrowSumo Partner account through our TaskDrive GrowSumo page. Once that is done, remember to add your payout details so you can receive your commission.

There are a few ways to start referring:

  • Our preferred method: Drop us an email to do an introduction with the referral and we will add the referral on our end within your GrowSumo Partner account. This method converts the best.
  • Create or use referral links with your account to send referrals our way
  • Send referrals to a customized partner landing page that we create for your use

The commission will be paid out once every month when there are successful sign-ups.

Note: You will need to refer at least one customer per year to keep your partnership active.


Why we use GrowSumo

We were in the market looking for a partner program tool that was both flexible and automated. The criteria we had:

  • API Integration
    The partner program tool should integrate with our CRM for automated processes
  • Automated Payouts & W8 and W9
    So we could automate payouts and our partners will have a peace of mind.
  • Email Introduction Integration
    As this is our preferred method of referral, we needed to make sure all referrals added in our CRM manually would enter the partner program tool.
  • Custom Referral Links
    We should be able to equip every partner with default URLs that we create for referring and to give them the ability to create custom URLs to choose direct where the traffic goes.
  • Custom Company Page
    We needed a customizable company page that placed our brand at the forefront of our program.
  • Custom Rewards
    Although we wanted to run only one type of reward for our partner program, we wanted the flexbility to create multiple reward types down the road to encourage channel sales.
  • Automated Email Campaigns
    Partners may lose engagement over time, so we needed a partner program tool that could engage our partners through customized email campaigns at any time.
  • Dashboard and Analytics
    A very important criterion: the ability to easily track our partners and their performance. We needed to see where our sales are coming from, whose generating the most sales, and where to improve.
  • Partner Dashboard and Analytics
    We also wanted to make sure our partners could see how their referrals are doing at any given time — very important.


GrowSumo App Dashboard

GrowSumo had every feature that we required and more. A very important feature that we did not consider is a marketplace. This was a really great feature that would be helpful for channel sales.


GrowSumo Marketplace and Customer Success


GrowSumo’s Marketplace

By having TaskDrive on the marketplace, it provided two great benefits:

  1. Our brand and partner program would be on the marketplace for other potential partners to find us, sign up and begin referring customers.
  2. New partners that sign up with our partner program would gain access to GrowSumo’s marketplace, allowing them to sign up for other partner programs and offering their referrals more choices of services or products.

The final touch for us was the great team at GrowSumo.


We had the help of Nikita, Antoine, and Sherese from GrowSumo in getting set up and when we were thinking of different ways to integrate our partner program with our sign-up flows.



Not only that, Sherese from Customer Success made sure we had everything tested and working before pushing our company and partner program live on the marketplace. We are big on Customer Success, and we really appreciate Sherese having gone above and beyond to help us out.

Thanks a lot Sherese!



Get started with the TaskDrive Partner Program

If you are ready to join our Partner Program at TaskDrive, simply schedule a call with me. I will get you set up with what you need to be a successful TaskDrive Partner.

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Get started with our Partner Program at TaskDrive.

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