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How TaskDrive Went from Lead Research to Full-On SDR Service Provider

Last updated: December 28th, 2018

2018 was an amazing and eventful year for us here at TaskDrive. A lot of great things have happened!

Here’s a little recap!

Earlier this year, LTVplus acquired TaskDrive. LTVplus was founded by GQ Fu our COO and myself. Much like TaskDrive, we help businesses with sale development tasks, with focus on live chat and inbound lead qualification. We thought it would be a great complementary service to add to TaskDrive.

Since my friendship and business endeavors with Samir, TaskDrive previous CEO, go way back, a quick backstory is in order so you get the idea of how all started.

A quick story back:

Actually, it is all Aaron Ross’ fault 🙂

Samir and I were business partners at MaxCDN. Back in 2011, Aaron wrote the sales development bible with the title Predictable Revenue. Samir, who was leading sales at MaxCDN back then, read the book and became obsessed with the concept. He was so obsessed that he left MaxCDN two years before our exit to start TaskDrive.

Samir focused only on the list building and contact research aspects of sales development.

After a successful exit with MaxCDN in 2016, I was looking for something else, and after being in “High Tech” for so long, I wanted a change and grow a people business instead,  launching LTVplus as a result.

Samir was running TaskDrive, but his passion shifted towards the stock market so he approached me and asked if I would be interested in acquiring TaskDrive.

We closed the deal in April of 2018 and bringing the two teams together created amazing synergies.

Our Customer’s Success Gaps

Our second core value is – Customer Success. We deliver value in everything we do and set our customers up for success. So, we dug deep to figure out what was holding our customers back from succeeding in their businesses.

We found two main reasons why customers paused or canceled our lead research service:

  1. We have too many leads.
    Success gapthey have no manpower to follow up with all the leads that we provide them
  2. The leads do not convert.
    Success gapthey don’t have enough time to deliver time-consuming multi-touch campaigns or write very engaging outreach copy.


Closing Success Gaps

Looking at this, we knew that it was easy for us to close these two success gaps for our customers — simply because sales development is our forte.

The first step was launching our Email Outreach as a Service. The second step was to offer dedicated sales development reps who do all outreach tasks for our customers.

All our clients that had lead research projects running could opt in for our outbound SDR service. We have a team of experienced SDRs (sales development representatives) that do all the prospecting and outreach to the right people. Once the SDR has a lead warmed up to talk on the phone with the business, we’d forward them to our client’s sales team to close the deal.


Inbound? Outbound? Allbound!

We’re excited to announce that we are launching a full-blown SDR service that covers all aspects of sales development.

Lead Researchers

Our trained researchers do list building, CRM hygiene, lead enhancement, web-scraping, and targeted research. Everything is based around our client’s needs.

Outbound Sales Development Reps

Outbound SDRs work on prospecting via cold email and social media outreach. They design engaging outreach emails that are specially designed for each campaign and leads. Our outbound SDR team can manage your inbox and have conversations with leads until they become interested in talking to your sales team.

Inbound Sales Development Reps

Our Inbound SDRs are integrated into your preferred live chat service as a part of your customer experience. They increase your sales and conversions by proactively engaging with your site visitors and customers, helping you fill your pipeline by qualifying inbound leads that come through your website or social media.


Our Three Uniques still apply:

Project Manager & QA Team

Project Manager works out the details of your lead research requirements with you, so you always get quality results that are checked by our QA team.

Expert Trained & Dedicated Agents

We train Lead Researchers and SDRs for you to find your ideal leads and connect with prospects that match your ICP. We provide all you need for the success of your sales teams.

Quality Results Delivered with Excellence

Our lead generation and prospecting process involve operational excellence. With the use of our own playbooks, we strive to bring you only accurate, high-quality leads to fill your pipeline with.


Plans for 2019

We are currently working on developing a unique on-demand Slack SDR — the TaskDrive SDR team in your slack. You can chat with us 24/7, send us new projects, check the status of your current tasks and much more. If you are interested in getting early access to our Slack integration please email us [email protected]


The entire TaskDrive team wishes you a happy, healthy and super successful 2019!


Serial Entrepreneur. CEO of TaskDrive — Providing Sales Development as a Service

Create sales conversations with TaskDrive so that your team can focus on high-value activities.


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