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TaskDrive is Redefining Lead Research

We’re going ‘all in’ on our Research Services. We’ve decided to focus on our research services so we can help more companies find new leads, enrich existing data and better understand their accounts.

In focussing on the research side of things, we’ve made the conscious decision to no longer offer our email and LinkedIn outreach services. 

One of the largest factors for this decision is that we believe we can offer more value to companies that already have an outreach process in place by increasing their productivity.

Also, we believe that it is becoming increasingly important to develop a multi-channel approach (phone, voicemail, video, direct mail etc) to outbound sales. And we were not in a position to cover all of these channels.

We offer a very cost-effective solution to companies who have established outreach processes who can now outsource their lead sourcing, data enrichment and account research to us. 

Unfortunately, we see it so often, that in efforts to get more clients and grow their business, many businesses buy unverified, low-quality lists of emails that lead to low deliverability rates and only a few responses that lead to sales. 

Obtaining a dynamic and quality list of relevant leads is a time-consuming task and many of these companies, ones that buy those dodgy lists, have limited time at their hands and can’t afford to allocate it on lead research tasks. 

That’s where TaskDrive’s dedicated team of researchers comes in. Only 3% of companies are actively buying at a given time, and with our extensive research, we help sales teams not only identify these opportunities but also craft personalized messages.

What you get

Our three fully managed research services include:

  • Custom Lead Generation
  • Database Enrichment 
  • Account-based Insights

With custom lead generation we will find and deliver new leads and their contact information. These are the leads that perfectly match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and buyer personas. 

Data enrichment service will take care of your existing leads and contacts. We’ll update the contact information, clean up stale contacts, add additional data points and verify all emails for you, so your emails always end up in the desired inbox.

Account-based insights are the newest addition to the TaskDrive service portfolio. With the help of our team, your AEs will get a better understanding of accounts and who are the main decision-makers within a company they wish to target. We will provide you with a critical level of intelligence about the company, identify key stakeholders and find multiple inroads per account, so you can start multi-threaded conversations. 

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Personalized data points

No matter if you work in Sales or Marketing or in B2B or B2C, we’re all attempting to communicate with another human (not a machine yet). 

Therefore personalization is key to the success of your campaigns. 

Using personalization in your emails helps you:

  • stand out within the inbox against the noise of other emails and pitches.
  • increase the likelihood of a prospect opening and responding to your inbox
  • strengthen customer experiences with the right content sent to the right people at the right time.

Standard templated emails with little to no personalization receive a lousy 1.5% reply rate (please don’t do this).

Other case studies have shown that personalized sales emails that go beyond the standard custom snippets, like {{First name}} {{Company name}} etc achieved a 17% reply rate, 10% more than the generic emails. 

Meaning, that if you send out 1000 emails, you will receive 170 replies that could lead to a sale, but only if you personalize each of those emails and go beyond just {{First name}} and {{Company name}}.

If you speak to our friends over at LeadIQ, they’ll tell you:

So, in 2019, you have to personalize your emails.

We recognized this as a major factor in every successful sales outreach campaign, and we are constantly working on expanding the list of different data points that we can find for you and your campaigns. 

Three main levels of personalization that we cover are:

  • Individual
  • Personal
  • Account

Download the personalization matrix PDF

Leverage our team of highly skilled researchers and achieve personalization at scale!

Growth playbooks

Our growth playbooks are something that has always differentiated us from the competition. We recognize that different scenarios and use of leads require different research processes and different sets of tools to acquire the right information. 

Our customers use these Growth Playbooks to improve the quality of their data, book more meetings, add opportunities to their pipeline, win more deals and increase their revenue.

Depending on your business needs and goals you could pick:

  • B2B list building
  • Web/Data scraping
  • Events
  • Social expansion
  • Competitor insights 
  • And more.

For more information on each playbook download Growth Playbooks guide

Why should you care

Yes, you are probably wondering “what do I get?”. 

Well, everything we do is based on our core values, one of which is Customer Success. Everything that we do is based on the desire to bring value to our customers and set them up for success. 

If you decide to work with the TaskDrive team, you will get to:

  • Save time – your highest-paid employees should focus on high-value tasks 
  • Achieve more – the dedicated team of researchers works for you full time – 40h/week
  • Acquire high-quality leads – equip your team with reliable data and leads that they can work with immediately 
  • Implement personalized data points – that will help you craft customized, targeted emails that will increase deliverability and response rates.
  • And most importantly close more deals.

What is included in our services

To ensure your sales team is set for success we provide you with:

  • Customer Success Manager – your go-to point of contact that will work closely with you to understand your requirements and adjust and refine your data, so your business can grow faster
  • Expertly Trained Researchers – that become a part of your extended team. Every researcher that gets assigned to you, works only on your project and gets a deeper understanding of your needs. Thus, providing you with high-quality lead information.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Team – every piece of information is double-checked before it is sent to you. So you can be confident that once you receive the results from your CSM you can start working on them right away.
  • Technology – our researchers are trained and equipped with a set of different tools (for eg. LinkedIn Sales Navigator) and databases that they use to ensure that all of the information is accurate and up-to-date.

What are the next steps

If we’ve sparked some interest and you feel like we can help your business grow, feel free to schedule a free consultation with our team. 

We would like to learn more about your company, your requirements, and your goals so we can help you grow your business and revenue.

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