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The Ultimate Outbound Prospecting Workshop

Let’s face it. Cold outreach is hard. Getting new deals is hard.

SEO and paid ads can probably help you in the long-run. But if you want to have conversations with qualified leads and close them fast, then you have to have a proper outbound strategy in place.

If you don’t, you risk stepping on people’s toes, annoying them, burning your reputation, and blacklisting your domain. And you certainly don’t want that.

If you want to climb Mount Everest, you can’t do it alone. You need a guide. We have a couple of Sherpas that are ready to take your outbound strategy from the bottom to the top!

Our partners Charles Gaudet, CEO of Predictable Profits, and Mark Colgan, partner at TaskDrive, created The Ultimate Outbound Prospecting Workshop to help B2B companies build a systematic approach to sales and scale their outbound strategies. 

Charles Gaudet
Mark Colgan

Charles is the best selling author of “The Predictable Profits Playbook: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dominating Any Market and Staying on Top”. He specializes in helping 7 & 8 figure companies scale with best-in-class sales and marketing strategies.

Mark is an experienced marketer and sales nerd. His brain’s default mode is ‘Revenue Generation’ and his personal mantra is “Give without expecting anything in return.” Mark loves talking about anything related to Growth, Sales, and Marketing. He currently helps secure podcast interviews for authors, coaches & consultants to increase their brand awareness and revenue.

What you get out of the workshop

Discover how to build an effective outbound prospecting plan, without wasting time or budget, for setting at least 2-3 high-quality appointments a day.

Register for the workshop with Charles and Mark and you will learn how to provide value for people and close more deals faster. You will also learn how to:

  • Write email sequences that your prospects reply to
  • Turn “cold” contacts into “warm” prospects that are ready-to-buy
  • How to do cold-calling in a way that sets you apart from competitors (and doesn’t annoy anyone!)
  • Avoid getting your emails marked as spam and your domain blacklisted
  • What never to do in your email if you want your ideal client to respond (it’s NOT what you think!)
  • PLUS: A brand NEW way you can use LinkedIn to set appointments (WITHOUT spamming people’s inboxes with messages they won’t read)
  • And so much more…

QUICKSTART BONUS: First 25 participants get one hour 1-1 consultation with a Predictable Profits ® Certified Business Coach

The workshop includes:

  • 4 x 1-hour group calls 
  • Access to sales experts Charles Gaudet and Mark Colgan
  • Access to all resources and call recordings 

The entire program costs just $497 a fraction of cost for similar coaching programs

Most of the similar programs cost from $2,500 up to $5,000

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best in business.

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