Outsource Your Lead Generation
Focus on sales and let your Sales Assistant find the right contact data for you.
"Since using a personal sales assistant from taskdrive, I tripled my team's lead-gen output."
Kareem Ghanie
Sr. Account Executive,
How it Works:
You tell us about your ideal Customers.
Tell us in 2-3 sentences what your ideal lead looks like. This can be something like: "founders / owners of companies that are in the swimming pool industry (service, building, retail, etc.)" or even: "C-level and founder contacts of companies in industry X that raised a Series-A or Angel round in the last 6 months".
We get to Work.
We train a Sales Assistant for you to find your ideal leads or prospects and gather all the data you need.
You have full insight into the lead-generation process and your Sales Assistants' performance metrics and reports.
You receive optimal Results.
With your leads ready, easily download them as Excel file or have them automatically synced to Salesforce. With all the data collected, you can give your leads extra context and create hyper-targeted campaigns.
Our pricing is dead-simple. No contracts, no commitments. Only great Leads!
No Setup. No Code. 100% Risk Free.
ONE-time Trial-offer *
Billed once, no setup fee.
  • One-time Trial-Offer *
  • 25 Custom Sourced Leads
  • That's only $0.20 / lead
  • Use this offer to test our Sales Assistants 100% risk-free. No setup, no contract, no commitments. If you are happy with the result you can upgrade to one of our subscription plans and take your lead-generation to the next level. If not, just don't sign up. No cancellation necessary.
  • * this offer can only be redeemed once per company
Billed weekly, no setup fee.
  • Dedicated Sales Assistant
  • 40h / week
  • That's only $9.5 / hour
  • Can find companies, contacts, emails, phone numbers and metadata that you require such as funding, company size, location, etc.
  • Can also clean your CRM, complete, update or validate existing lists, categorize / pre-filter inbound leads and do other sales-related tasks for you!
  • Weekly subscription with 7 days notice. No long-term commitment. No setup fees.
  • Upgrade to multiple assistants at any time. The second assistant is only $280 / week. 
"Don't take our word for it. For less than lunch money you can see for yourself! 
Not satisfied with the result? Money back, no questions asked!"
Samir Said
Founder, taskdrive (formerly SalesFuel)
No Contracts, No Commitments. Only Great Leads!
No Setup. No Code. 100% Risk Free.
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