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The Top 7 LinkedIn Tools to Skyrocket Your Sales

In the past decade, Linkedin has established itself as one of the best platforms for boosting sales, especially in the B2B field. Its advanced algorithm has been praised for being incredibly accurate and intuitive, thus ensuring your message will reach your target audience.

However, when you are investing your time, money and energy into a business – you can never be too certain that results are going to be achieved without using specific tools that can improve your overall sales picture. Additionally, you are probably not looking to get by, but to strive, so the correct usage of effective tools can help you accomplish a phenomenal sales record.

So, without any further ado, here are the top 7 LinkedIn tools to skyrocket your sales.


Expandi gives each customer a unique IP address, making LinkedIn unable to track them. It can automate messaging to the highest degree, ensuring that you can set up a long term “drip campaign” that stops automatically once one of your leads responds. Also, this tool has an incredibly accurate algorithm that can perfectly mimic realistic human behavior, therefore making sure there are no activities that can be viewed as potentially suspicious or dangerous.

Given that Linkedin is starting to crack down on automation tools that use Chrome extensions, this could prove very useful.

Expandi can help you deliver up to ten times more leads with its advanced features that you can navigate within the easy-to-use platform.

It’s perfect for agencies or individuals managing multiple accounts, because of the simple dashboard which allows you to switch accounts with just a few clicks. Even more, the smart inbox and chat features enable you to have all messages in one place – no need to leave. Expandi also includes useful and well-written blogs that can help you with a variety of topics, such as advanced LinkedIn outreach techniques.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The goal of this sales platform, offered by LinkedIn itself, is to link buyers and sellers in a specific, mutually beneficial way.

Because of its advanced algorithm, Sales Navigator will connect the best possible prospects with your offer. By utilizing its detailed sales insights, you will definitely have the necessary information for the sales decisions you will be making. E.g. Sales Navigator lets you filter down your search by company size which is often very important to make sure you are targeting your exact buyer persona.

The tool does not offer any guarantees regarding actual sales you will achieve (no LinkedIn tool really does this), however LinkedIn invests much time into adding new features and cool aspects to improve your overall experience and give you a better chance at prospecting.   


LeadFuze was built specifically to help certain causes, such as sales, marketing and recruitment. With its established AI automation, the mundane work of manual prospect list building is a thing of the past.

Certain features are in focus with LeadFuze, such as collecting verified lead intelligence that you can build connections with. With it, you can reach over 14 million different organizations, with a total of more than 300 million unique people and contacts. Because of this fact, this is primarily known as a lead generation tool.

Accompanied by LinkedIn, LeadFuze grants you access to an endless supply of valuable contacts, uncovered by a simple search. This tool comes in handy, the most, when prospecting potential targets. What better way to find an exact match? 

When using LeadFuze you get useful information, including emails and phone numbers, so your digital sales process can commence! Leadfuze can be used for building prospect lists you can further use to reach out to on LinkedIn. 

Also, you can make use of AI-powered Fuzebot to generate lead lists or apply a set of advanced filters to find very specific contacts in LeadFuze. 


Data extraction and code-free automations are the key features of this useful platform that can allow you to automate almost anything on the web.

With PhantomBuster you can set your actions to run with a pre-programmed pace, trigger and unique customization feature which has been extremely optimized so you do not need any prior coding experience to use it.

Within the platform, you can utilize a set of simple actions and activities labeled as Phantoms. These include LinkedIn Network Booster, LinkedIn Profile Scraper, and many others, all dedicated to help you expand your sales portfolio.

You can extract contacts from virtually anywhere, including the very valuable Facebook groups and LinkedIn posts. Once you do this, you can engage these contacts with customized content, and you can expect some awesome results!


This platform views LinkedIn as a starting point for creating a strong digital presence and is trusted by a multitude of renowned brands and agencies.

With Shield, you can easily increase your engagement and improve your digital stats, both of which are key to improving your sales. This goal is achieved with its impeccable data collection system which allows you to focus on the most important metrics and generate extensive reports. Automation takes the tedious manual tasks to a whole new level, giving you the opportunity to make reporting smoother with dynamic dashboards.

In a nutshell, the tool lets you measure the performance of individual posts on LinkedIn so you can understand what your audience enjoys and tailor your content types, hashtags and posting schedule to boost your engagement.

Shield offers much greater LinkedIn insights than LinkedIn itself, because you can load more than the last 90 days worth of stats. It is also perfect if you are looking to align your business goals with detailed analytics, enabling more sound decisions.


This detail-driven tool has been implemented by over 4,000 companies because of its innovative approach to personality insights. Crystal offers in-depth insights to certain personality traits to help accelerate your growth. With detailed insights into someone’s personality, the possibilities are limitless. You can tailor your emails, calls and meetings around specific personality features. Empowered by AI, this app can figure out anyone’s true colors online.

Needless to say, personality insights can be put to good use, when you are trying to increase your overall sales potential!


If you are looking to step your marketing game up by extracting data from your competitors, Google or LinkedIn, we suggest you take a look at this innovative platform. Growth Hacking lets you pull out LinkedIn contacts and sync them to a CRM of your choice.

This platform can be used without prior coding experience (always a great plus), and it can put you in a position to grow, and outgrow your competition, with its easy-to-use features such as workflow builder and flexible integrations.

Final Word

Growing your business on your own is not an easy task. Luckily, tools that we have mentioned can help you optimize certain processes so you can focus more on the core of your business. You can let tools do the work of sales prospecting and outreach for you, while you think about the “big picture”.

These platforms are geared towards automatization, meaning that with an initial setup and some time spent on strategizing, you can establish a flow that you just need to fine-tune as time goes on.

With precise reporting and detailed insights, optimizing, and making small adjustments to your LinkedIn activities is a lot easier in 2020. You can build your own, uniquely advanced workflow, and grow your business, by using these tools to skyrocket your sales.

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