The Ultimate Outbound Lead Generation Strategy for 7 & 8 Figure Businesses

Learn how to generate high-value leads and schedule sales appointments without being too salesy.

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Task Drive and Predictable Profits bring you this exclusive training from Charles Gaudet, the “Go-To Business Coach for 7 & 8 Figure Businesses” according to the International Business Times.

It’s designed to help you set up your very own prospecting system by the end of the final training.

This course is for you, your sales manager, or another member of your sales team.

Basically, anyone who is looking to accelerate their outbound sales strategy will surely benefit from this training and challenge.

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Benjamin Arabov

CEO of Grow Enrollments

“Before we started working with you, we were hitting a .5% lead rate. Just two days into this new system, we are at a 5% lead rate — and that’s just from email 1. So in two days we went from .5% to 5%, that’s a 10X increase!”

What’s included in this training?

About the author of the course

Charles Gaudet is considered to be one of the top business coaches. He’s also known to be the “CEO Whisperer” (Yahoo! Finance) as well as one of the “Top 15 Business Coaches Crushing 2022” (Disrupt).

Entrepreneurs from all over the world look to Predictable Profits to grow their businesses faster and generate more consistency and predictability in their revenue.

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