Growth Playbook: "Clone" Yourself

Any repetitive task that takes too much of your time can be done by TaskDrive team.

Improve Your Team's Productivity to Drive Revenue

Outsource key repetitive workflows by passing them to a TaskDrive researchers.

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Get back the control of your time by not having to work on the manual tasks yourself. 

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Be sure that the quality of the task will be as if you did it yourself. We’ll copy all your processes.

"Clone" Your Processes in 4 Steps

Step 1 - Record your processes

Use a screen recorder to create a video of your computer screen while performing the task you want us to take care of. Or write down the process in a document.

Tip: we love using Loom and Vidyard.

Step 2 - Send us the instructions

When you have all your instructions ready, send us your documented process and all other instructions and requirements via email.

Step 3 - We'll recreate the process

Your CSM will work on cloning the process and creating detailed instructions for your dedicated researcher.

They will then follow it step-by-step, making sure that they execute the task at hand just as you would.

Tip: we will send you a copy to approve.


Step 4 - Receive results

Your CSM will reach out to you and deliver the results of the task on daily or weekly basis.

Results will be delivered to you in a .CSV file format, so you can just upload it to your CRM or other tools that you use for processing data.

Extend your team

What you get

Get an Experienced Team of Researchers

Sales specialization is the biggest innovation in sales in the last 20 years. With the support of the TaskDrive, you can now leverage an experienced team of researchers who can help with:

Save up to 14 Hours a Week on Repetitive Tasks

What Tasks We Can Clone for You

Identify prospects

Build a list of all prospects that match your ICP and buyer personas.

Find & verify email addresses

Acquire a list of all email addresses that are connected to a desired account.

Score, sort, and enrich leads

Get a filtered list of updated, sorted and scored leads that are ready to contact.

Reply to leads

Have a lead generation rep monitor your inboxes and reply to emails from leads and follow up with personalized responses.

Phone Number Verification

Our lead researchers can perform cold calling phone number verification.

Find C-level emails

Lead researchers can perform an extensive contact research to find executive level emails for your top accounts.

Podcast outreach

We perform outreach to get you an interview on the desired podcasts. Improve your brand awareness and increase audience reach with podcast booking.

Manage Live Chat

Get a customer experience agent to help you take care of tickets and chat with customers during the businesses time.

Email templates

Get a list of email templates that can help you with your outbound efforts and improve conversion rates.

Reply to reviews

Connect with your past and present customers by replying to their reviews on different platforms.

Product reviews

Connect a product with a customer review and reach out to unhappy customers.

Failed Payment Recovery

Recognize payment problems and prevent customer churn and revenue loss.

Collect LinkedIn post comments

Get a list of all the comments on one post – who posted the comment along with their LinkedIn profile URL.

Find guest post opportunities

Want to expand your audience reach? We’ll create a list of all relevant websites that accept guest posting.

Identify backlink opportunities

Get a list of websites and blogs that would be ideal linkcreators.

Research industry events

Get a list of all industry events happening in the desired country or city. 

Monitor brand mentions

Have a close eye on your brand mentions across the internet.

Find sponsorship opportunities

Get a list of all possible sponsors for your project. 

Event attendee research

Get a list of contacts to invite to your hosted events or to connect with at the events your are attending.

Research funding rounds

Find out which startups have recently received or are in the process of receiving funding.

Follow Mergers and Acquisitions

Get the latest news and information about companies that are involved in consolidations of their financial assets.

Qualify leads

We can qualify inbound leads and forward you just the ones that match your requirements.

Pipeline clean-Up

Send us a list of prospects from your CRM and we’ll perform a clean-up of the leads that are rotten and not relevant any more.

Monitor social media

Follow intent-based signals of your desired accounts through your social media profiles.

Get Product Hunt profiles

Have new profiles added to your list on regular basis.

Build a list of Quora topic influencers

Receive a list of people that are answering questions relevant to your topic.

Get a list of LinkedIn group members

Use the list of members to send connection requests and start conversations.

Review job descriptions

Tell us what job positions you are looking for and search terms so we can build a list of all available job ads.

Review and score LinkedIn profiles

We’ll monitor LinkedIn users and their activity and score them if they meet your requirements and search terms.

G2 and Capterra Reviews

Obtain a list of reviews on popular review platforms. We’ll build a list and qualify reviews based on your requirements.

Follow competitors' followers

Connect with the people who are already interested in the same or similar solution to yours.

Collect YouTube video comments

Know who commented on videos of interest.

Extract YouTube channel information

Get valuable information from desired channels (find out their keywords and descriptions).

Twitter hashtag extractor

Receive a regular stream of fresh leads that use a specific hashtag.

Collect Instagram hashtags and profiles

Interact with Instagram users and their stories when they use a specific hashtag.

LinkedIn company employees

Understand your target account inside and out, use the data so you can start multi threaded conversations.

Outsource Repetitive Tasks to TaskDrive

Allow TaskDrive to focus on these tasks so your team can focus on
building relationships and closing more deals.