CRM Hygiene and Lead Enhancement

Complete Up-to-date Datasets in Your CRM

Prevent errors and contact decay. Do not let your records decay, your emails to bounce, or your calls to be misrouted.

Give us access to your CRM to add, update, filter, and correlate the information of your existing data using TaskDrive. We can also work with on your leads in .CSV or .XLS documents.

CRM Hygiene

We check the status of contacts in your CRM and update them with the correct information. We can also help remove duplicates or unnecessary data, and help you maintain your CRM hygiene spotless. For contacts that have changed companies, we can create new lead lists for your sales and marketing teams, so they can reach out to the new company that your old contact is now based in.

Lead Enrichment

Fill out the rest of the information of your leads past the sign-up forms that you collect. We can find what software your leads use, what blog posts they wrote, or maybe personal information such as their birthdays and hobbies. Let us know what information is crucial for your sales and marketing efforts. We will find the right information for you and enrich your leads to create a detailed profile for your teams to work with.

Email Verification

Turn your bounced emails into an asset. We will extract useful information from email bounces or out-of-office replies for more contact details that will enable you to build a stronger rapport with your leads.

Some of the Tools We Use

See TaskDrive in action - let us take care of your CRM hygiene, so your teams can focus on revenue growth.

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