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5 Reasons Why Business VoIP is a Must for Your Sales Team

Sales teams have a huge workload to manage each day. The stressful and fast-paced environment doesn’t allow much time to answer the customers’ demands, and competition gets better every day.

This is why you have to work with your reps, not just set more targets and more deadlines for them to meet. If you don’t, the employee turnover will rise, and so will the costs of recruiting new sales reps.

The best way to build a strong and empowered team of long-term employees is to:

  • Provide them with an adequate and stable working environment and a lean roadmap (including both working conditions and employee treatment)
  • Encourage teamwork and solidarity in managing day-to-day tasks

In short — make work easier for them as much as possible. 

This is where having a stellar set of tools can help greatly. In addition to CRM, prospecting tools, analytics and reporting software be sure to include VoIP.

You might think that it’s just another money-grab, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! 

A well-picked VoIP provider will save you money and time, make the work easier and customers happier. The intuitive functionalities VoIP tool has can replace many others, often expensive and complicated to use and integrate.

In this article, we will show you how it can make your sales team’s day better with VoIP.

1. Increased Mobility And Remote Working Capabilities

VoIP gives you complete location independence — a much-needed shift in 2020, and more than a fad in the previous years.

The whole sales team can work remotely, each member from a different country. They can answer the calls on the go, from home or working space of their choice. Office presence isn’t mandatory, as you’re not physically tied to your workplace.

You can make or receive calls on the device of your choice, laptop, or mobile phone. You don’t have to own a pre-installed landline on your premises. 

The fact that there are no traditional physical phones required also means you are not obliged to pay installation, maintenance and usage fees. Set up a plan that works for you with your VoIP provider, and you’re ready to go! 

2. Shorter Customer Interaction

Customers don’t care what happens while they listen to On Hold music. All they know is that they’d prefer different tunes, in a much more pleasant setting. Spending too much time waiting for Customer Support to fix something (that wasn’t supposed to be broken in the first place) is not the vibe for 2020! 

Extensive VoIP features help shorten customer interaction and make problem-solving casual and easy. The whole process is streamlined thanks to:

  • Advanced-Data Accessibility Powered By Cloud Storage — VoIP business phone system is connected with CRM and data storage. Customer call history, their accounts, previous call records and every other info your reps might need are available in a blink of an eye thanks to the cloud system
  • Large-Scale Analytics With Instant Updates — Fast data updates are immensely important to sales teams. Waiting time is brought down to seconds, and your reps can rest assured that info they have at their disposal is always fresh and updated 
  • Powerful Integration Capabilities — Integrate your VoIP with the existing workplace tools you already work with, and you’ll create a robust toolkit that almost works instead of reps! Of course, someone needs to do the actual work, but integration makes it so much easier by linking every aspect together

3. Practical Onboarding Process for New Employees

The theory is all fine and well, but the best way to onboard a new sales team member is to let them learn from some real workplace situations.

With VoIP, you can use the features to show them some practical examples, with an accent on situations more experienced reps went through before them.

Use the Call Recording feature to show them how to interact with different types of customers. Shared Calls will allow them to participate in group work with more experienced coworkers monitoring and jumping in if needed. Record their calls and, when the time for evaluation comes, let them know what they did good and what needs improvement.

This way, the process isn’t as time-consuming as one-on-one onboarding sessions. Your new salespeople will learn faster and easier, and you won’t have to dedicate additional resources to organize classes for them.

4. Customer-Friendly Ecosystem

In addition to empowering the sales teams, VoIP customer interaction tools are created with customers’ needs in mind.

One of these features is a built-in Website Call Widget. Reps can talk to website visitors as they browse the website, without them ever needing to exit the screen. This way, all the questions are promptly answered and it’s easier to convert casual visitors into satisfied customers. 

Salespeople can also access Call History and gain immediate insight into previous questions and issues. This type of meticulous care is crucial when building a good reputation. Maintaining a relationship with old customers will bring referrals and repeated purchases, as well as new customers.

Apart from Phone Support, customers can opt for Email or Chat Support options if they prefer to communicate in the other way. 

  1. Healthy and Productive Workplace With Teamwork-Oriented Tools

In the previous sections, we mentioned the Shared Call feature to show you how to use it to onboard new salespeople in your team

This is just one of many tools that facilitate and encourage teamwork. With VoIP, your team also gets:

  • A Shared Dashboard that enables interactive team member communication
  • Call Owners with precisely defined responsibilities
  • Call Comments, so the members that weren’t present can get back on track with useful notes left by other team members
  • Call & Message Export, Shared Call Inbox and many more

The way these features organize the process leaves no place for misunderstandings. Everyone is on board all the time; no more missed calls and sales opportunities, or missed targets.

The workplace efficiency is improved, and in case you want to keep track of success, you can monitor the team’s performance. This enables you to see what’s wrong and fix the mistakes right away.

Key Takeaways

A good toolkit for salespeople doesn’t require a bunch of expensive stuff, just a few of them that work like clockwork and integrate without difficulties.

VoIP is most definitely one of those; it makes the tasks easier to handle, ties the team together and uses your resources wisely!

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