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6 Reasons to Outsource Your Lead Research

The biggest challenge for any business is driving revenue and acquiring new customers. Part of this puzzle is lead generation and sales development. Where and how to continually find new and fresh leads that are ready to buy what you have to offer.

Creating processes for generating new leads takes a lot of time and resources, especially when you don’t have a trained employee that can focus only on this task. Usually, sales development representatives (SDRs) are in charge of lead research. The issue is that prospecting is a full-time job. If your SDRs are focused on data gathering and researcher 50% of the time that means they are only prospecting 50% of the time. The lead data is a commodity. The real value is the prospecting processes around the data.

Generating new leads through lead research seems simple and straightforward. But, knowing how and where to look for leads, where to find their email information, and how to use all available tools can speed up the whole process.

Often, businesses don’t have enough resources to have a dedicated team of researchers. That is why many business managers delegate this task to SDRs and other staff members.

Outsourcing lead generation and prospecting to a professional team of researchers have many benefits.

Not only do they provide a steady stream of fresh leads on a weekly basis, but they can also save a lot of time and money for your business. Here is what the ideal Predictable Revenue style sales pod looks like:

  • Remote Lead Researcher – Focused on Data and Contact Info
  • Sales Development Rep (SDR) – Focused on prospecting and appointment setting
  • Account Executive (AE) – Focusing on managing sales pipeline and closing new business
  • Account Manager (AM) – Managing the existing account book of business

We would like to present you the 6 main benefits of outsourcing lead research to a professional team.

Quality Leads

Generating a list of quality, relevant leads is one benefit you get when you outsource this task. Trained and qualified researchers know how and where to find leads that fit your ideal customer profile. By outsourcing this part of the process you free up your SDRs to do the highest value activities like prospecting.

Access to the Latest Technology and Tools

These teams are specialized and focused on providing the best possible quality leads for their clients. To ensure the quality of leads, they use various tools to speed up the process, run SMTP checks on email addresses and run email outreach campaigns. They also have access to many paid databases from where they can extract exclusive information. Where your internal team leverages one lead gen tool and outsourced sales development services may have 10 lead gen apps in their sales stack.

Timesaving and Cost-Efficient

Hiring in-house researchers requires money and time to train them and get them to effectively do their job.

On the other hand, outsourced teams are fully trained and ready to tackle new lead research projects. They already have developed processes and procedures for all their services, so you only need to tell them who are you looking for and what goal you want to achieve.

Empower Your Sales Team

With the help of an outsourced lead research team, all lead generation is done beforehand and SDRs get a list of ready-to-contact leads. This saves a lot of their valuable time and gives them the opportunity to use their real skills for generating qualified opportunities. This empowers your team and makes them feel valuable and useful for your company.

Get Market Insights

Besides generating leads and prospecting, researchers can also perform other research. For example, research market trends. They can research your competitors and see what marketing efforts they are making. So you can position your business better on the market. This type of research is particularly valuable because it will give you insights into demand and supply. And also give you an opportunity to reposition or rebrand your product or service according to the current market climate.

Only Warm Leads

When you use sales development managed services shops they can also execute the first prospecting touch. This removes one additional task for the SDRs. Now they can focus on following up post drip, social selling, and qualifying the warm responses.




Outsourced B2B sales development teams are always at your disposal and ready to take on the next project, whenever you need them 24/7. These professionals will help your business grow and save your resources for other purposes. Many of these firms work on nights and weekends, unlike most SDRs. Outsourced sales development firms can absolutely help your organization increase revenue growth.

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