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Beyond Sales – Using Video Tools to Engage With Clients

One of the hardest things to do in business is engaging with clients. Grabbing their attention is one thing, but engaging and converting them into paid clients is another matter. Finding a good method for personalizing communication with future and existing clients, is the key to increasing engagement and conversions.

A great tool that is still underutilized by many businesses is video. Many businesses are still relying on the written word to convey information and to do their sales work for them. And while good copy can work, it’s not always the most effective method.

Today, more and more, people are engaging with videos from brands and businesses.
Implementing a video in your sales cadence can help you engage more with your customers and increase conversion rates in a way that copy can’t. If you aren’t using videos yet, here are the reasons why you should start, and how to do so.

Why Use Videos?

A video is only increasing in popularity across the web.

Take Facebook for example.

They recently changed their algorithm to start increasing the number of videos shown to users. The same thing goes for Instagram – when you log on, you are shown more videos than ever before. Even large news organizations are shifting more towards video content rather than writing.

The reason for this is that video offers a wide range of benefits. Some of which are:

  • Customers can be intimately introduced to a brand. You have the visual representation, sound effects, and a storytelling platform. You can convey your message easier over video and your clients will get that personal feel when watching a video made only for them.
  • Someone watching a personalized video will be able to connect more with your brand and company, as it creates an emotional response in the viewer.
  • You can convey more about your product than a traditional sales pitch. The look and feel of the product aside, so much more information can be packed into a video. The customer will be getting a full understanding of the product immediately, something that’s hard to do with just written sales pitch.
  • You can use video in multiple places. Embed videos into WordPress, share them on your social media accounts, or even use videos in the emails send out to your subscribers’ list.
  • A video doesn’t break the bank. While you can certainly spend money on a big-budget production, this isn’t necessary. You can easily shoot a video only using your iPhone. You can implement a video production element into your sales process that fits whatever budget you’re working on. You could even start small, then use the returns from your initial trial run to invest in a better video production. If necessary, of course.

How to Start Implementing Videos Into Your Workflow

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of using videos, you’re probably eager to get started.
But before you dive in, it’s important to plan out how video can best suit your particular business needs. The first thing you should do is consider your options.

Some of which are:

Service/Product Demonstration Videos – In this type of video you are showing how your service or product works. This type of video is particularly helpful for businesses that provide software or whose product has a Before and After effect.

Product Review Videos – Rather than demonstrating the product, you could simply talk about it. Explain all of the features and benefits of getting it, along with how it compares to similar products.

Customer Testimonial Videos – With this, you are recording some of your previous customers talking about your product or service. They are a great way to instill confidence in potential customers.

Our Favorite Tools For Video Creation

Once you’ve decided on how you want to use video, you can then start making them. There are plenty of tools available.

Our favorites are:

Loom logo

Loom –  Loom is a tool designed to help users quickly share information. You can simultaneously record yourself and/or your screen. For instance, if a new employee is having trouble with your software, you could quickly create a demonstration for them on how to use it and share a link to the video. Loom is a great tool for on-boarding videos, or just for improving internal communication.

Cincopa – An Online Video Platform offering a sales enablement Video Portal with in-depth analytics to understand how your videos are performing and how individual viewers are engaging. They recently released a browser-based personalized video for sales tool which allows SDR and Sales Reps to record personalized “videos packets”, customize the viewing page with their own branding, including interactive elements like Meeting Link, Click-To-Call.
You can also add additional sales collateral like related videos and PDFs uploaded to their managed assets library to close meetings and drive sales. These Video Engagement “Packets” are trackable so an email notification is received the moment a prospect engages with the content, signaling that a follow up is needed while the prospect is hot. There is a free version for independent users and an enterprise plan for businesses.

VEED – an easy-to-use online video editor. It has tools that are intuitive and make video editing tasks simple. You can cut, crop, rotate, add music, text, generate subtitles automatically and even screen recording. The days of downloading clunky video software are over. VEED brings you one-click editing online. It’s used by thousands of content creators – marketers, teachers, creatives – with a focus on producing material that engages and grows audiences. They are adding new features all the time, and have great customer service (with a Live Chat) if you ever need help.

Cloudapp logo

CloudApp – This tool is similar to Loom. It allows you to record your screen and quickly share the video. With this tool, you can create videos, annotate screenshots, or create gifs. You can then use these things to provide more information to your customers.

Vidyard logo

Vidyard – The third tool we recommend is Vidyard. Vidyard is a place where you can host your videos, and learn valuable information about their performance. This tool is designed to help you generate more leads via video, and turn your viewers into customers.

Accordium – our forth useful video tool allows creating sales videos right from the browser. After you record the video you can attach it to the email along with any sales collateral that you might have. Once you send the video to your clients you can track engagement which will help you close deals faster.

Depending on what type of video you want to make, you may need some additional equipment. For instance, if you’re creating a walkthrough of your software, you might only need a tool like CloudApp to record your screen and a microphone so you can narrate what you’re doing.

On the other hand, if you’re recording customer testimonials, you’ll likely need a decent camera, some lighting, and a microphone, so you get high-quality videos.

Implementing video takes time and money, but if you do it right, it could yield you some amazing results.

Get Started with Video Today

There’s a reason that so many major companies are starting to put a larger emphasis on video marketing. It’s because video grabs visitors attention in a way that simple text cannot and allows you to share more information faster.

If you want your business to continue to grow and succeed, you need to always be on the lookout for new marketing strategies. These include live chat apps, better email templates, SEO, and especially video marketing.

Between the numerous benefits, the affordability, and the ease at which you can get started, there’s no reason to not explore integrating video into your sales process. Once you look into it a little further and start using it within your own business, you’ll likely see the benefits very quickly. And since videos are not going to fade away any time soon, you’ll be setting your business up for a long time to come.

Using Video is Just One Way to Improve Your Sales Efficiency

Of course, if you’re going to spend money on producing a video for your sales process, you want to get the most out of it. Otherwise, it’s just another strategy in which you’re spending money without getting enough ROI. To improve your sales funnel and make it more efficient, consider using some of the resources provided by TaskDrive.

For example, our Predictable Revenue Pipedrive Master Course is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their sales development skills. With this course, you can learn how to excel and become a world-class sales professional. You’ll learn not only how to create a sales cadence, but a ton of other information about using the right CRM and predictable revenue system.

We also provide prospecting and lead generation services. Our services are designed to help sales teams increase their productivity by focusing on high-value activities. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a call with us at any time.

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