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Live chat is proven to increase conversion rates by 11x

Syed Balkhi

CEO, OptinMonster

“I was hesitant to use an outsourced live chat agent service on our site. But the results from TaskDrive speak for themselves.

Our e-commerce conversion rate is 11x higher when a person completes a chat vs an average website visitor. My only regret is not using TaskDrive sooner on our site.”

Learn how live chat boosts revenue for OptinMonster.

Why you need Dedicated CSRs

Increase Sales & Conversions

Customer Success Representatives give your visitors the information they need to make the right decisions. As a result, your business creates personal connections with your visitors, empowering them with what they really need to succeed.


Why you need Dedicated CSRs

24/7 Customer Success

A dedicated Customer Success team will take care of all incoming tickets, chats, and phone calls. No matter what campaigns you run, CSRs help keep your business promises by providing 24/7 coverage. This ensures that your visitors always get a great customer experience, even when you are asleep.

Why you need Dedicated CSRs

Proactive Visitor Engagement

By studying the profiles of your visitors, CSRs can find opportunities to engage with them and assist in their decision making. Through proactive visitor engagement via chat or phone, our dedicated customer success representatives can address your customers’ needs in advance.


Why you need Dedicated CSRs

Reduce Site Abandonment

Dedicated CSRs are there to assist visitors before they choose to abandon your website. By being proactive and starting conversations with customers, CSRs help your visitors remove the barriers to convert, turning previously lost revenue into new revenue.

How It Works


Tell us your business goals, products, and customer success needs.


We study your business and train your dedicated CSRs.


We integrate your dedicated CSRs with your business and run our playbooks.


Your customer experience is optimized for success through data collection.

Some apps that we use


What TaskDrive Customers Are Saying

David Braun

CEO, TemplateMonster

“I am a fan of dedicated CSRs. Not because I love people, but because I am a data-driven person. Once I learned that our conversion rate is TEN TIMES higher with chat than without it, my only question was how to properly scale it.

TaskDrive is the way to do it. We have our in-house core team that we mix with TaskDrive SDRs all the time. Our customers do not feel the difference, which is a great accomplishment for the TaskDrive management team.”

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