Fully Managed LinkedIn Social Selling Service

Fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads through highly-targeted social selling campaigns on LinkedIn.

Increase credibility, authority, trust, and sales

A fully managed LinkedIn social selling service that will add another distributional channel to your business. We manage your LinkedIn profile for you and deliver you quality leads and appointments that fit your ideal customer profile.

Lead prospecting on LinkedIn is less crowded which means higher response rates.

Qualified sales prospects that can convert faster into paying clients.

Leveraging LinkedIn in coordination with email prospecting.

Make connections with leads and build trust within your network.

Make your LinkedIn profile a long-term valuable asset that can bring you real ROI.

Hit your sales quota –

What you get

Profile Optimization

We update the information and copy of your profile so it is optimized for better ranking in Google Search Results.


What you get

Content Creation

We create visual assets and copies and for LinkedIn sharing and publishing. We’ll keep track of popular industry trends and publish relevant news on your behalf.

What you get

Social Interaction

We interact with your connections on your behalf. We comment on posts, participate in discussions and relevant industry groups, answer questions — establishing you as the expert in your field.


What you get

Prospecting & Outreach

We do the social selling for you. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we do the prospecting for leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile. We also create highly-targeted customized messages and do the outreach for you.

Crush your sales quota with our managed social selling service!