TaskDrive Slack Integration

TaskDrive gives you a 24/7 on-demand SDR in Slack so your sales teams can focus on high-value activities.

Drive Revenue and Improve Sales Rep Productivity

The benefits of the TaskDrive Slack Integration are:

Outsource key repetitive workflows by passing them to a TaskDrive SDR.

Limit the amount of time sales teams are hunting for contact info and doing data entry.

Increase the number of net new leads coming into the CRM on a daily basis.

Scale your lead generation efforts through the power of sales development

How does it work

TaskDrive Slack Integration Features


What you get

Get an Experienced Team of SDRs

Sales specialization is the biggest innovation in sales in the last 20 years. Using the TaskDrive Slack Integration, you can now leverage an experienced team of sales development representatives who can help you:

Outsource Repetitive Sales Development Tasks

The TaskDrive Slack Integration allows you to outsource repetitive low-value tasks all within Slack. Allow TaskDrive to focus on these tasks so your team can focus on building the pipeline and closing more deals.