Account-Based Insights

Close more high-value accounts and save time on difficult decision-maker research.

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Human curated personalization at scale

Unlock personalized data for each account and contact. Understand your buyers to decide the right context when building relationships. This leads to accelerated pipeline velocity, closing more deals and increased renewals.

3 steps to account-based sales


Your CSM will listen to your needs and help you define the best data points to increase your account-based sales success.


Expand your data with additional key contact information to give you more access routes into valuable accounts.


You’ll receive your results in a spreadsheet or via direct import into your CRM.

Connect with multiple decision-makers within hard-to-reach companies

What’s included in the service

Customer Success Manager

Your CSM is your single point of contact from strategy through to delivery. They’ll spend time working with you to understand your needs and liaise with your researchers on your behalf.

Dedicated Researchers

Experienced and highly trained researchers take over all the legwork.

Each researcher devotes 40 hours a week to your account-based insight research. 

QA Team

Our QA team will double-check all the collected data and confirm they’re 100% accurate and verified.

No more time lost to bad leads and heavy research.

"TaskDrive is a highly efficient extension of our marketing team. They enable us to focus more of our time on engaging with affiliates and partners rather than on finding them."
Syed Balkhi
CEO of OptinMonster

We provide account-based insights across 3 levels

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Gain new data points such as the recent social activity of your target prospects (their shared and liked posts, comments, updates, job anniversaries, social interactions, interests, groups they belong to etc.

Use this information to build rapport and establish stronger relationships.


We’ll help you understand the specific challenges and objectives your target buyers are currently facing.

Our researchers can also provide content from non-competing sources that can help you position yourself as the trusted partner you really are.

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Account / Industry

We’ll identify the key trends and insights for your target account’s industry as well as recent company news, awards, acquisitions, product launches, any other useful updates and data including hard-to-identify markers and time-based signals critical for the success of your sales and marketing campaigns.

Overview of our account-based insight service


Account Mapping

The number of people involved in B2B purchases has increased to an average of 6.8. It’s vital that your sales team knows who’s influencing buying decisions. 

Effective Account Mapping helps you discover and understand key relationships in your target accounts. But this swallows valuable time that your sales team should use to build relationships and close deals.

We’ll help you identify the web of influencers and stakeholders involved in the buying process. Providing vital contacts with personalized information to help you pitch the right message to each person.

Hand us the data you have on your most desirable leads and we’ll send you the missing data to open more doors and win bigger deals.

Gain a deeper understanding of the key influencers and their roles in the account organization and decision-making process without sacrificing valuable sales time.


Inbound Account Expansion

With so many people involved in B2B purchases, it’s critical your sales reps understand each stakeholder in the decision-making process.

Inbound Account Expansion serves two purposes. First, we identify additional contacts based on your inbound lead. Second, we enrich this contact data with additional data points. Arming your sales reps with the context they need to build rapport and nurture strong relationships.

Simply send us a LinkedIn URL of an inbound lead via our Slack Bot or email and we’ll find 5 or more additional contacts who are likely to influence buying decisions relating to your product or service.


Account Insights

Avoid analysis paralysis and ensure your AE’s are selling, not researching. Leverage our team of skilled researchers to perform strategic account research on your behalf.

We can prepare account briefs that summarize company strategy, key initiatives/challenges, competitors, external reviews and the key contacts in the buying committee.

We can also append personalized data to each contact to help your reps build greater rapport and stronger relationships.

Our customers combine both account and contact information to truly understand their accounts and deliver relevant messaging and expertise that resonates with them.

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