Quality B2B Lead Research

Uncover hard-to-find contact details and data points and save hours of painstaking trawling

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Unlock human-curated personalization at scale

Connecting your sales team with the humans behind the job titles is essential to creating meaningful relationships.

Our researchers identify data points at individual, account and industry level. Leaving your team to do what they do best –personalized conversations, nurturing and closing.

Leverage our proven processes and skilled researchers to achieve personalized outreach at scale.

human-curated personalization

Step up your lead research in 3 easy steps

Never miss your sales targets again. We’ll provide you a constant flow of the contact details and personalized data of your ideal customers


Give us your ideal customer profiles and buyer personas.

We’ll work with you to understand what additional data points will give you the best results for your hyper-targeted campaigns.


Our trained researchers get familiar with your project requirements.

You’ll get the first 20 results within 48hours so you can check and give us feedback to enhance the results.


We adjust the research filters based on your feedback. Get fresh, accurate results weekly (or at a frequency that best fits your workflow).

Results are directly uploaded to your CRM or shared securely in a CSV.

All lists are hand-curated according to your requirements.

Outsource your B2B Lead Research for a steady flow of quality leads and predictable revenue growth

Your TaskDrive lead research team

Customer Success Manager

Discuss your database enrichment requirements with your CSM and work together on building the best strategy to grow your business.

Expert Researchers

Experienced and highly trained researchers take away all the legwork and devote 40 hours a week to your database enhancement.

QA Team

Our QA team double checks all data to confirm 100% accuracy.

Here’s how we helped other businesses build up their sales pipelines

"I wanted to thank your team for the wonderful effort you all put into building our sales pipeline performing thorough research on our prospects and following that up with disciplined outreach through email and LinkedIn campaigns. Prior to our engagement, we had a very small pipeline and after working with you all we now have a healthy pipeline and several demo calls scheduled and completed. I have no doubts that we will see at least 2x conversion. A big shout out to Orest, Oleksandra and the team."
Aravind Sampath
Co-founder of Fanisko

What kind of information can TaskDrive deliver?

Unlike off-the-shelf lists, TaskDrive sources verified data specific to your needs. We can handle everything from simple contact details to unusual requests like “who’s creating video content without captions?”

Because no two jobs are the same, and data is limitless, we’ll give you a quick glimpse at the most common requests we handle…

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Individual data

College/university, liked and shared posts, interests, team members, work history.

Account data

Press releases, case studies, recently received awards, social media bio, LinkedIn posts, conferences they’re attending.

Custom data

Competitors’ best practices and social media followers to target lookalike audiences and outperform your competition.

Behaviour-based data

New software installs, job changes, hiring plans, product launches and developments.

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Inbound data

Location, company, pages they visited on your website, duration on the page.

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Firmographic data

Company size, number of employees, location, revenue, number of clients, etc.

Demographic data

Your customer’s location, age, education, gender, marital status, and other relevant personal details.

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Technographic data

Recent technologies installed and technology spend of your potential customers.

Overview of our lead research services


List Building

Receive lead contact information that can’t be found in ready-made lists. We search every available free and paid database so you get the most accurate and up-to-date data. The kind of data that takes hours, days and even weeks for your SDRs to build out.

Find businesses based on location and a specific category through portals like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Use your fresh lists for cold email campaigns, appointment setting and creating lookalike audiences for targeted ad campaigns.



Audience Expansion

Social media has an enormous wealth of data. But sifting through every platform is time-sucking rabbit hole for your team. Avoid wasted hours and distractions when your SDRs should be developing relationships and booking meetings.

Our researchers know how and where to search. Identifying competitors’ followers helps you create lookalike audiences for ad campaigns —expanding your reach, brand awareness and boosting relevant site visitors.

We can also monitor and track important keywords within your industry. Giving your sales and marketing teams better insights into industry trends, helping you to craft focussed messaging and to identify prospects who are in-market.


Reverse IP Lookup

Gain insight into which companies are browsing your website. With advanced filters and segmentation we can identify decision maker details from these hot leads. All your team has to do is the work they love — make contact, build relationships and close deals.

This service is suitable for businesses that have significant website traffic. Once collected, your data can be further enriched so that one lead becomes a full account map.

Find out if you’re eligible for Reverse IP Lookup with a free consult.


Behavior-based Intent Research

Better understand your leads with insights acquired from behavior-based research —such as which software they use, job changes, social media engagement and more.

With details on each lead’s level of intent means you can craft the right message at the right time —increasing your conversion rates and sales productivity.

What TaskDrive customers are saying

Syed Balkhi


TaskDrive is a highly efficient extension of our marketing team. They enable us to focus more of our time on engaging with affiliates and partners rather than on finding them.

Jim Krider

Revenue Operations Analyst

We have been working with TaskDrive for several years and have completed several major projects together. They are a big part of our enrichment process and have been key in finding very specific data points for our business needs.

David Braun


Working with TaskDrive for about three months. I love it. Very professional approach, mission-driven company, great culture and they always think from the clients perspective.

Ready to discover the right leads and how to approach them?