Quality B2B Lead Generation

Close more sales without the lead generation legwork involved.
We help you generate leads for sales, you focus on closing them.

Outsource Your Legwork and
Focus on Sales Instead

We provide trained professionals that take care of everything to help your sales teams exceed their sales targets.

What you get

List Building

Create your ideal customer profile(s) and we take over from there. Our researchers create handcrafted lead lists, handling lead qualification for you and adding every possible contact information to the lists. Your sales teams will have everything they need to succeed.


What you get

CRM Hygiene

Working with outdated data in your CRM will affect your sales significantly. We help make sure that all data in your CRM is up-to-date and complete. We can plug into your CRM (SalesForce, Marketo, Hubspot, and other) to work directly with your data or work in a spreadsheet that you can upload to your CRM at your convenience.

What you get

Lead Enhancement

If you need more detailed information on your leads, our research team will add any necessary meta information you require. Be it company size, company revenue, or the job title of your prospect — we have got you covered from the beginning till the end.


What you get

Targeted Research

Preparing to visit an upcoming business event or a conference? Don’t have enough time to research and find people who will also be at the event?
We can help you build a targeted list of conference attendees and provide you with detailed information. You simply just have to reach out and set up a meeting at the event.

What you get

Web/Data Scraping

We can turn any website into valuable data. With the help of various software and tools, we can scrape any website of your interest and extract data that you can use for your sales efforts.

Customer Success Manager & QA Team Included

Work with our Customer Success Manager to get quality results which are verified by our QA team.

Manage and Train
Your Researchers

Save yourself valuable time by having your Customer Success Manager handle your research from start to delivery.


Your Customer Success Manager will create new Ideal Customer Profiles together with you and your company.

Upload Lists Into
Your CRM

Instead of sending spreadsheets yourself, we can upload new or updated contacts directly into your CRM.

How It Works

Describe the leads you want and we find the ideal contacts for you.

Tell Us Who Your Ideal Customers Are

  • Provide us with a three sentence description of your ideal customer(s) and we get to work.
  • Not only can we find your target companies and contacts, we can also research for any additional data fields to help you with hyper-targeted campaigns.
  • Most importantly, all of our lists are hand-curated and built according to your specifications.

We Get to Work

  • We train a Researcher for you to find your ideal leads or prospects, and we begin gathering all the data you need.
  • You have full access to the lead generation process and your Researchers’ performance metrics and reports.

You Receive Optimal Results

  • With your leads ready, easily download them as an Excel file or have them automatically synchronized with your Salesforce CRM.
  • Give your leads extra context and create hyper-targeted campaigns from all the relevant data collected.

What TaskDrive Customers Are Saying

Syed Balkhi


TaskDrive is a highly efficient extension of our marketing team. They enable us to focus more of our time on engaging with affiliates and partners rather than on finding them.

Jim Krider

Revenue Operations Analyst

We have been working with TaskDrive for several years and have completed several major projects together. They are a big part of our enrichment process and have been key in finding very specific data points for our business needs.

David Braun


Working with TaskDrive for about three months. I love it. Very professional approach, mission-driven company, great culture and they always think from the clients perspective.

Get Quality Leads that Actually Convert

We build handcrafted lead lists from scratch using the ideal customer profile you provide.