Ultimate Guide to Scheduling More Sales Meetings at Conferences

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One of the main reasons to attend a conference is to schedule more sales meetings for your business. It can be a little frustrating when you do not get the full benefits of attending a conference. Planning ahead helps considerably, like defining specific goals or deciding which sessions to attend, but you can do so much more.

Proper event lead research beforehand with the use of event apps and websites will help you to set up more sales meetings at the event. Taking the steps necessary to ensure your meetings take place will also greatly boost the number of prospects you get from conferences.

The Playbook Process

Step 1

Research for Leads at Conferences

To begin scheduling sales meetings and increasing the leads in your sales pipeline, you need to first find out who else is also coming to the conferences you are attending.

Conference Attendees

Web Summit 2017 Attendees' List

Most conferences will have an official website presentation or app that contains the list of event attendees. The only pitfall with the information would be the lack of key contact details such as job titles or emails.

Get the attendee list by:

Exhibitors, Sponsors and Speakers

Web Summit 2018 Speakers' List

Just like conference attendees, the information for exhibitors, sponsors or speakers are usually listed on the conference website or app. They may be potential partners or customers for your business.

Get the list of exhibitors, sponsors or speakers by:

Social Media

#websummit Twitter Search

Aside from accessing the event websites or apps, you can also use social media to your advantage when researching for more information.

Lost Opportunities Nearby

"lisbon" LinkedIn Search

There may be other relevant prospects that are based near the conference venue which you could also contact.

Tip: Before sending out email campaigns, show that you are attending a conference by putting it in your signature. This may indirectly start conversations or create opportunities with other prospects in your mailing list by having a common conference in conversation.

Step 2

Clean Up Your Lead Information

While generating leads from conferences, you want to make sure that the information you have is accurate and working.

To do some basic CRM hygiene:

Step 3

Prospect and Outreach to Schedule Sales Meetings

Once you have your list of leads, start with your outreach. Remember to use simple messages.

A simple email or social media outreach with the following type of messaging usually works:

For email template ideas click here.

Step 4

Prevent No-Shows at Your Sales Meetings

Be proactive in your messaging and prevent no-shows for scheduled sales meetings at conferences.

Make sure your conference prospects show up

Tip: Remember to include your number, so that prospect can reach out to you via WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and/or other messaging apps.

You can remind the prospect of the meeting by sending out a reminder text or email on the day of the meeting. Send them a reminder in the morning or an hour before the meeting, and about 10-15 minutes before your meeting. These reminders can be something as simple as:

Hey, Matt,

Just wanted to remind you about the meeting we have scheduled for 4 pm today.
Let’s meet at _____ (location)

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
You can attach a map of the conference and the exact location where you want to meet with your prospect.


Never miss out on the benefits of attending a conference again by doing the necessary lead research work beforehand. There are many reasons to attend a conference — let scheduling sales meetings be one of the main reasons.

Have your sales team focus on closing deals at scheduled sales meetings.
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Ultimate Guide to Scheduling More Sales Meetings at Conferences

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