How To Find Conference Attendee Lists: 2 Easy Ways


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Attending conferences is expensive. Whether you are attending them as a speaker, an exhibitor, or a visitor they cost you both your precious time and money. So, to get the most return on investment, prepare beforehand for successful networking.

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Networking at business events is one of the important tasks that any business should include in the overall business strategy:

  • You get to meet people with the same or similar interests and
  • The potential for closing some sales is bigger when talking to people in person than by phone or via email.

Up your conference game

Conferences bring people from the same industry together and they create the perfect opportunity to connect with and possibly schedule some sales meetings at the event you are attending.

  • Take some time to think about the people you would want to talk to
  • Prepare the list of sales leads upfront
  • Contact them before the event

Making the most out of the conference and getting the ROI for your time spent there is done by engaging in conversations with people attending the event. Getting to know what they are currently working on and what their plans for the future are business-wise can help you decide who you want to possibly collaborate with in the future — or engage for a project.

Tip: Prepare beforehand by doing a research on people who will be attending the event. Make sure you make initial contact with your sales leads before you leave for the conference. That way, you get the chance to introduce yourself, maybe set up a short meeting at the conference and be sure that your time is well spent by planning ahead.

How to build a list of conference attendees

Prepare yourself for a little bit of detective work. Creating a list of conference attendees you want to meet and talk to can take some time, but in the end, it’s worth doing it since you will have all those meetings set up before the event starts.


There are certainly many sources where you can get the information about the attendees, but the 2 easiest ways to get the lists are:

  1. Through official conference website
  2. Or the official conference app.

Finding the attendees’ list on the official conference website

All of the big events now have a specially designed website presentation of the event with a program and all the details about the venue and speakers. Many of them also have a list of people attending the event as visitors. So here are two options that you can go for when researching attendees on a conference website.


Option 1 – Build the leads list manually

  1. Go to the official website of the conference you are attending
  2. Find the page that has all the attendees listed
  3. Go through the list
  4. See who the attendees are
  5. Copy and paste the names and information of the people that are interesting to you.

Building a list this way can take some time, so we have an option 2 for you: using a scraping tool instead.

Option 2 – Use a scraping tool to build a list of leads

There are many scraping tools available on the web, but we find that Instant Data Scraper, a Chrome extension, is a really handy tool and easy to use:

  1. Install the extension in your Chrome browser and go the page with the list of conference attendees.
  2. Scroll all the way down to the end of the list.
  3. Click on the Instant Data Scraper icon and a window will pop up with a preview of the table with the attendee names and information that the tool found on the page.
  4. You can then edit or delete the columns you don’t want to have in the spreadsheet
  5. When you are done, choose to download the file in CSV or XLSX (Excel file format) and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

Building a list using an official conference app

Another relevant source of information for the conference attendees is the official conference app. Some big and well-known conferences have their own app with every piece of information about the conference — including a conference attendee list. Here, you can also choose from two options for building an attendee list.

Option 1 – Build the list manually

Just like on the official website, an app of the conference usually has a list of all the attendees. All you have to do is:

  1. Install the app on your mobile device
  2. Access the attendee list
  3. Choose who you would like to get in contact with
  4. Manually make a list.

Option 2 – Use software to extract information

This option might take some time to set up, but building a list this way is much faster.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Install the official conference app on your mobile device
  2. Install software that enables you to open Android or iOS apps on your computer (you can try Bluestack app player)
  3. Open the app on your computer and find the list of conference attendees
  4. Copy and paste all the information into a spreadsheet
  5. Filter out all the unnecessary info and create your list.
  6. Enrich the contact list with the necessary data


Oftentimes conference websites only list people who are speaking and directly participating in the conference. So if you don’t see the list on the website, try finding the event on Facebook. You can take a look at our comprehensive guide on How to Find Conference Leads on Facebook and set yourself up for success at the next conference.

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Prepare for the conference

Now that you have compiled the list of people that you would like to get in contact with before you leave for the conference, it’s time to:

  1. Reach out to them
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Mention that you will be at the same conference
  4. Set up a meeting with them

The process of building a list of leads on conference websites and apps is pretty simple and easy to do if you have the time and resources to dedicate to this task. However, if you are short on both, you can always seek help from a professional team of researchers that will deliver the list to your inbox. Schedule a call with us, and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

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