10 Essential Sales Metrics You Need to Track To Boost Growth

Sales June 6th, 2021

Sales is a complicated process. Making decisions about running successful sales campaigns requires executives and sales leaders to take into account countless factors. And that isn’t easy without the right data to back those decisions up. That’s why sales metrics can be the difference-maker in the way that sales campaigns perform. Companies that know which … Read more

7 Successful Sales Tactics to Close More Deals

Sales May 21st, 2021

Making sales consistently is not easy. And with the rapidly changing landscape of how B2B sales happen, many in the sales industry are finding themselves looking for answers in articles just like these. But while some would like you to believe that the pandemic has turned the B2B sales world upside down, that’s not necessarily … Read more

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts and Other Data: Top 5 Tools

Lead Generation April 23rd, 2021

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking tools today. With more than 740 million members, it’s the largest professional community online that can help you connect with employers, entrepreneurs, business people, and various experts in almost any industry. Many people have used LinkedIn to grow their network and make valuable connections, which is great. … Read more

agreement of channel sale

Guide to Channel Sales: Pros & Cons

Sales April 2nd, 2021

63% of companies say channel sales partners contributed to their annual revenue. Yet, although it’s widely used, channel marketing remains mostly a grey area in terms of how to use it and whether it’s necessary at all. But at the same time, with companies looking for more ways to expand their reach and find new … Read more