taskdrive clutch award

TaskDrive Lands a Spot in Clutch’s List of the Leading 2021 Global Service Providers in Market Research


TaskDrive is a data-driven lead generation agency that provides comprehensive support to sales and marketing teams. Since 2014, we’ve been working closely with our clients to provide them with the solutions they need to tackle their growth challenges with confidence. In 2021, we continue to lead our partners in their efforts to scale effectively. Today, … Read more

hubspot vs salesforce

HubSpot or Salesforce: Which Is Better?


The global CRM software market reached more than $52 billion in 2020. And that’s not surprising, with some experts estimating that the ROI of using CRM solutions is as high as $30 for every dollar spent.  Using a CRM tool can offer a range of benefits, such as the ability to better anticipate customer needs, … Read more

cost per lead

Cost Per Lead: In House vs Outsourced

Lead Generation

Is it really expensive?  If your SDRs are performing their own Lead/Contact Research or if your Cost Per Lead is expensive at the moment, you may find this read useful. Otherwise. Feel free to check out our other content here – playbooks. I used to buy Starbucks coffee almost every single day. Costing me $10 … Read more

5 Powerful Enterprise Sales Techniques to Boost Profits


Enterprise sales can be incredibly lucrative. Even a single closed deal can often exceed six or even seven figures, making it a field many B2B companies aspire to break into.   However, while the rewards are certainly enticing, enterprise sales can be tough to succeed in. Without the right experience, connections, and a bold willingness to … Read more

8 Best Salesforce Alternatives You Should Consider


Salesforce has been among the most popular CRM solutions on the market for a long time. But even though hundreds of thousands of businesses still use it, it might not be the ideal fit for everyone. Some consider Salesforce to be too expensive for small businesses, while others aren’t happy with the steep learning curve … Read more