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Discover the TaskDrive difference with our AI-Augmented Virtual Assistants. Specializing in business growth, marketing, and sales tasks, we’re committed to elevating your business operations to new heights.


Why our AI-augmented VAs stand out

Top-tier talent

Only the best make it through our stringent selection process, ensuring you work with highly skilled professionals.

AI & technology integration

Our VAs leverage advanced AI tools and technology to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Dedicated to your business needs

Focused solely on supporting your business growth and sales efforts.

Continuous skill advancement

Ongoing training in the latest market trends and tools keeps our VAs ahead of the curve.

Effective systems & strategies

Access to TaskDrive’s exclusive playbooks for optimized operations.

Flexible collaboration

Adaptable month-to-month service with a straightforward cancellation policy.

Hiring and onboarding

Our rigorous VA selection process


Comprehensive screening

Focusing on professional acumen and alignment with TaskDrive’s standards.


Skill & aptitude tests

Rigorous testing to assess practical abilities in marketing, research, and sales-related tasks.


Scenario-based evaluations

Real-life simulations to gauge problem-solving and task management skills.


In-depth interviews

Assessing candidate suitability for client-specific requirements.


Intensive Onboarding

A robust training program to align VAs with TaskDrive’s methodologies and client needs.


Ongoing development & support

Advanced training on Large Language Models (LLMs):

Our VAs are proficient in the latest Generative AI tools, including ChatGPT, Bard, Anthropic, and Microsoft Co-pilot. This training ensures they’re masters at leveraging these tools for various tasks, with a deep understanding of the underlying technologies.

This expertise enables them to quickly adapt to any new LLM tools, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness in a range of applications.

VAs proficient in Generative AI tools, including ChatGPT, Bard, Anthropic, and Microsoft Co-pilot

Specialized training in image generation

We train our VAs in advanced image generation tools like MidJourney, Dall-E 3, and Stable Diffusion. This equips them to create compelling visual content and stay updated on new features and models.

Their proficiency in these sophisticated tools also translates to exceptional skill in simpler design tools like Canva, ensuring versatility in visual content creation.

VAs trained in advanced image generation tools like MidJourney, Dall-E 3, and Stable Diffusion

Custom GPT creation

Each VA undergoes training in creating custom GPT instances using platforms like ChatGPT and Microsoft Co-pilot.

This skill is pivotal for tailoring AI solutions to specific business needs, allowing our VAs to craft unique GPT models that excel in supporting their tasks and projects.

VAs trained in custom GPT creation

Expertise in prompt engineering

The art of prompt engineering is where our VAs truly shine. They are trained to craft precise prompts for LLMs and other Generative AI tools, transforming basic inputs into outstanding outputs.

This expertise not only increases the quality of their work but also enhances their efficiency, making them invaluable assets in any project.

VAs skilled in prompt engineering

Elevate your operations with our expertly trained VAs

TaskDrive’s commitment to ongoing development and support ensures that our VAs remain at the forefront of technology and industry practices.

By choosing our VAs, you’re not just getting an assistant; you’re gaining a partner equipped with the most advanced skills to drive your business forward.

Expertly trained VAs
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TaskDrive Reviews​

“Their ability to adapt to the situation was excellent, and they provided a good focus on results.”

CEO, Blightysoft

“Their dedication to learning about each of my clients is extremely impressive.”

Director of Client Relations, Digital Marketing & PR Agency​

“Their ability to amplify sales and excellent flexibility have been hallmarks of their work.”

Sales Leadership, Employee Benefits Company

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