TaskDrive Pricing

Omnichannel B2B lead generation services that take the legwork away from your sales teams.

Dedicated SDR

Before $2,500



Billed monthly

What Your SDR Can Do

Our dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR) fills your pipeline with relevant, high quality leads so you and your team can focus on high-value activities.

– Find qualified leads or clean up your CRM

– Run email outreach campaigns for you

– Engage with highly-targeted prospects on LinkedIn

– Set up appointments using different channels

– Generate more leads and sales from inbound traffic

What You Get

– A Dedicated and Highly-Trained SDR

– A Customer Success Manager
– QA Team

– Growth Playbooks
– LinkedIn Sales Navigator included

Sales Development


Billed monthly  

Minimum 3-month commitment

Lead Research

– Building Dream 100 lists
– Cleaning and enriching your CRM

– Scraping data

LinkedIn Social Selling

– Optimizing LinkedIn profiles
– Interacting with connections

– Publishing posts

Email Outreach

– Custom created email drip campaigns
– Customer Success Manager

Inbound Sales Development

– Dedicated Inbound SDRs
– Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager & QA Team

Work with Customer Success Manager to get quality results which are verified by our QA team.

No Hidden Fees

No Contracts, No Commitments.
Only Great Leads. No Setup fees.
Billed Weekly.

Fast Delivery

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will send you results and reports on weekly basis – twice a week or more frequently.


We guarantee hand-crafted lead lists created according to your specifications.
A Lead Researcher works exclusively for your account — and nobody else.

Secure Payment

All orders are placed through a secure network as we respect your privacy.
Your credit card information is securely stored by Stripe.

Payment Methods

– Visa
– Mastercard
– American Express
– Discover

Our mission is simple
Making sure your business wins

Our Lead Researchers will make your sales and marketing teams superhuman.

Every Researcher and SDR is trained by experts. They have access to a large database, and are also equipped with a suite of tools to make sure we deliver only the best results.


We need you to fill in the ICP (ideal customer profile) form. This is done on the kickoff call with the assigned Customer Success Manager where you decide on the playbook and goals for the research.

Our team needs you to grant them access to your CRM and a set of instructions of what you need (e.g. delete stale contacts, update email or phone information, add LinkedIn profiles, etc).
You can also deliver the data you need updating in a Google Spreadsheet.

We use a variety of tools to verify that the emails found are correct. For example, once the email is added to the spreadsheet, a script runs an automatic SMTP verification. On top of that, a researcher does another check of the emails with another tool.

We deliver the First 20 leads within 24 to 48 hours from the start of the project. Once we get your feedback that the results fit your project goals, we continue with the research.

We assign you a Customer Success Manager that takes care of all communication between our researchers and you. All feedback, questions, concerns about the project and research results, will be discussed with your assigned Customer Success Manager.

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