The 5-Day ChatGPT Challenge

Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI in your business? Join our 5-Day ChatGPT Challenge and receive a series of actionable emails designed to help you enhance your operations with practical AI solutions.

Each day, you’ll learn how to leverage ChatGPT for various business tasks, from customer support to market research.

What you'll get

Day 1: Customer Support

Day 2: Content Creation

Day 3: Market Research

Day 4: Email Communication

Day 5: Internal Communication

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Tim Cakir is a Growth Addict and CEO of TaskDrive. He’s passionate about growth, operations, management, marketing, and all things related to tools and technology.

Tim is a lifelong learner, constantly pursuing new certifications and knowledge to help him grow personally and professionally. At TaskDrive, he helps businesses scale through personalised sales development services. Through his weekly newsletter and LinkedIn, Tim shares insights on growth strategies and the latest tech tools to help companies to thrive.