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TaskDrive’s Dedicated Outbound SDRs are your secret weapon to getting more conversations with qualified potential leads.

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Stop Prospecting and Start Closing

We provide lead generation and qualification, prospecting, social selling, and the full cycle of customized email outreach campaigns. We forward only warm leads to your sales team.

How we work


Our strategists will work with you to identify your ideal customer profile (ICP), develop outreach and growth strategies, and start the implementation process.

Lead Research

Our experts use advanced technology and databases to deliver high-quality leads to your sales team.


Our Sales Enablement team will launch pre-targeting ad campaigns, engaging with potential customers even before they actively search for your product or service.

Visitor identification

Identifying both the companies and individuals who visit your website, our team will develop focused outreach campaigns to directly engage with them.


Our appointment setters will use a multi-channel outreach approach to turn these leads into appointments.

Here’s how we helped other businesses build up their sales pipelines

"I wanted to thank your team for the wonderful effort you all put into building our sales pipeline performing thorough research on our prospects and following that up with disciplined outreach through email and LinkedIn campaigns. Prior to our engagement, we had a very small pipeline and after working with you all we now have a healthy pipeline and several demo calls scheduled and completed. I have no doubts that we will see at least 2x conversion. A big shout out to Orest, Oleksandra and the team."
Aravind Sampath
Co-founder of Fanisko

Outsource Repetitive Sales Development Tasks

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repetitive sales development tasks to our teams.