AI Consulting

TaskDrive’s AI Consulting Service empowers forward-thinking organizations to integrate Artificial Intelligence, streamlining operations and unlocking growth potential.

What You Gain

Training Sessions

For the duration of your monthly subscription, your team will engage in weekly training sessions exploring cutting-edge tools and platforms like ChatGPT. 

From foundational overviews to advanced strategies, we provide practical tips and prompts designed to optimize your workflow throughout the month.

Custom GPT Building and Prompts

 Based on an in-depth analysis of your team’s needs and processes, we develop 10 tailored prompts that seamlessly integrate into your operations. 

The custom GPT models are built to automate tasks, analyze data, and streamline decision-making, integrating directly into your operations for immediate efficiency gains.

Strategic Blueprint


We offer a detailed 3-month strategic blueprint designed specifically for integrating AI into your workforce. 

This plan aligns with your organization’s goals, ensuring a seamless adoption of AI technologies and methodologies for measurable growth and a smooth transition.

AI-Powered Growth: Tailored Consulting for Digital Leadership

Our consulting targets organizations striving to lead in digital transformation, offering custom strategies to seamlessly integrate AI, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation.

AI Consulting Plan



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