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How to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence With a Dedicated VA

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LinkedIn’s the go-to platform to connect with potential clients, like-minded professionals, and investors—and even attract top talent. As of 2023, it already has almost one billion users according to Business of Apps Analysis. So, skipping the platform is a big mistake. 

Yet, if it’s a struggle to do LinkedIn in between your actual job responsibilities, outsourced support from a dedicated virtual assistant is perhaps the solution. 

How can a VA do that? Much more than maintain but boost your LinkedIn presence? Let’s discuss it in more detail in this blog post. But first things first.

Why does LinkedIn presence matter?

Being on LinkedIn isn’t mandatory. But it’s highly encouraged that you invest time in optimizing your profile and engaging with the social platform regularly. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a great way to build your personal brand and reputation online. LinkedIn can be your public portfolio that showcases your expertise, skills, experience, and accomplishments.
  2. It’s a medium to show your authority on the subject. By sharing insightful content, you establish yourself as a credible voice among your peers and potential clients or partners.  And as more people engage with you, you can get noticed by the right people. Here’s proof: 57% of buyers say thought leadership increases visibility for new brands.
  3. It helps build brand awareness. LinkedIn’s advertising platform lets you target specific demographics and interests. So, your brand message reaches the right audience and maximizes visibility. Just in Q1 2020, social media advertising brought 9% more people into contact with new brands and products.
  4. It’s a virtual ground for networking. LinkedIn is ideal for connecting with other professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds—which by the way is a simplified way of expanding your network.
  5. It generates leads and sales. Yes, LinkedIn provides tools for targeted advertising, sponsored content, and InMail messaging. And thanks to the platform’s targeted search and outreach, connecting with specific decision-makers by job title, company, industry, and location is super easy.  HubSpot data shows that LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter at generating leads.
  6. It’s a powerful tool to identify, vet, and recruit top talent. You can search for professionals with the exact skills and experience you need. Whatever the case may be—niche technical skills, leadership qualities, or specific industry experience.

Challenges of managing LinkedIn alone

An executive spending time on his mobile phone with a LinkedIn logo on the screen without a virtual assistant

But we’ll be honest that although LinkedIn offers professional growth and a lot of revenue opportunities, managing it alone can be a challenge. For many, doing it all themselves while maintaining a thriving LinkedIn presence isn’t feasible. I’ll explain:

Issue #1: Time constraints 

The bare fact is running a business is already demanding (digital or not). So, sometimes staying active on social media isn’t always possible. Plus, LinkedIn’s algorithm is constantly evolving. Finding time to study it is not feasible. 

Issue #2: Expertise factor

LinkedIn has become an advanced marketing and advertising channel with many nuances in optimizing your profile, leveraging different features, and effectively marketing and promoting content. Trying to master all the strategies can take a lot of time and doesn’t always provide the best results.

Issue #3: Content creation 

Planning content? If you have too much on your plate—it’s a no. Developing high-quality, relevant content that resounds with your target audience is time-consuming. It requires your focus and intensive research more than writing skills.

Issue #4: Staying Consistent 

Staying on a consistent posting schedule and interacting regularly requires discipline and dedication. Burnout can result from constant demand for fresh content—when you have more tasks to do.

Issue #5: Measuring ROI 

Quantifying the return on investment for your LinkedIn and digital marketing efforts can be tricky. It’s not always visible. The least you can do is track engagement metrics using analytics tools and interpreting data.

Benefits of using a dedicated VA for LinkedIn

Virtual Assistants working to create LinkedIn posts in advance

The true benefits of a dedicated virtual assistant for your LinkedIn are more apparent as it alleviates the challenges of managing LinkedIn alone—among many other gains. Put simply, your VA can be a game-changer for you. Let’s list the specifics: 

A VA can handle the day-to-day tasks of managing your LinkedIn profile

Do you have little time to dedicate to actively managing your social media profile? The fact is maintaining an impactful LinkedIn presence requires a significant investment of time and effort. Hiring a dedicated virtual support ensures daily, professional, and strategic presence for your business. 

A LinkedIn-savvy VA brings a wealth of expertise to the table

Building a compelling and strategic LinkedIn presence requires a deep understanding of the platform’s nuances, features, and best practices. And attempting to navigate these complexities without specialized expertise might end up to suboptimal results. 

A VA can handle various aspects of content management

Finding the time and energy to consistently produce high-quality content is no simple task. A LinkedIn VA dedicated to the task can make sure you have a steady stream of fresh, insightful posts and updates.

A skilled VA can contribute to consistency and performance tracking

Sporadic posting and irregular engagement aren’t good on LinkedIn. Your brand may take a blow. A dedicated VA can turn this around by posting consistently to regularly tracking performance. As you should know data-driven decisions are difficult to make if your performance is not tracked properly.

VAs can help you build a pipeline of prospects

Yes, a LinkedIn VA can generate valuable connections. He/she can perform cold outreach, engagement, and follow-up targeted at prospects. 

Specific tasks a dedicated VA can handle

Virtual assistant with a checklist of tasks

If you’re wondering about the specific tasks that a LinkedIn virtual assistant can do, here’s a list:

1. Optimizing your profile

The first task you can dedicate to an assistant is to craft an attention-grabbing headline and summary to highlight your company’s expertise. It includes updating the profile with relevant keywords to attract potential clients improve visibility in search results.

2. Sharing and engaging with others’ content

Your VA must spot articles, posts, and news that align with your industry, interests, and target audience. Once identified, your VA must share them and leave insightful comments to build relationships. They can also engage in discussions within LinkedIn groups or comment threads, helping you position yourself as a thought leader.

3. Generating insightful, thought-leadership content

Another task for your LinkedIn VA is to research and write engaging posts, articles, or newsletters. They can even create eye-catching graphics and videos to accompany your content. Keep your feed active and informative by collecting and sharing relevant content from other sources. To top it off, they can repurpose your content into different formats for wider distribution.

4. Managing a pipeline of qualified prospects and leads

Let your VA use LinkedIn Sales Navigator or other search tools to identify prospects who fit your ideal customer profile. This includes filtering by industry, job title, company size, location, and other relevant criteria. They can craft personalized connection requests and continue to engage with leads through targeted content.

5. Tracking and analyzing performance metrics

A dedicated virtual assistant can optimize your LinkedIn account performance by closely tracking and analyzing key metrics in accordance with industry trends. They will gather data on profile views, post engagement, and campaign performance. They’ll analyze the data to identify trends, benchmark your success, and create insightful reports. It gives you actionable recommendations for improving your content, targeting, and engagement strategies.

6. Outreaching to prospects (connections)

A dedicated virtual assistant can supercharge your LinkedIn outreach by identifying and connecting with potential leads, partners, or clients. Using targeted messaging, virtual assistants show they can craft tailored connection requests, hold meaningful conversations, and nurture relationships.

7. Manage your LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

A dedicated virtual assistant can manage your LinkedIn advertising campaigns, ensuring optimal results and return on investment. They can handle setting up and configuring campaigns and defining target audiences based on your ideal customer profile. They can also stay up-to-date on the latest LinkedIn advertising features and how to make the most of them.

8. Community management

A dedicated virtual assistant can actively manage your LinkedIn community by monitoring and responding to comments on your posts, answering questions and inquiries from followers, and stimulating engagement within LinkedIn Groups. They can moderate discussions, encourage participation, and share relevant content to keep your community active and thriving. 

Don’t wait—scale your LinkedIn presence starting today

Don’t skip or overlook LinkedIn. Investing in a dedicated VA is the key to optimizing your LinkedIn presence. They’ll elevate your profile, amplify your reach, and cultivate meaningful connections—all while saving you valuable time and energy.

Where to find a good one? How about a virtual assistant from our TaskDrive team?

We meticulously select and train each VA so that they understand your goals and target audience. Explore our services and start your journey with us today.  Book a call so we can show you how a dedicated VA can take your LinkedIn presence even further.

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