Successful Outreach That Got Clarksys Appointments with Fortune 5000 CIOs


Hundreds of emails sent for a Whiskey Tasting Event
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Thousands of quality leads generated
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6 Fortune 5000 CIOs RSVP’s for a Whiskey Tasting Event

Meet Clarksys

Clarksys is an IT broker serving Fortune 5000 clients such as American Apparel and Soylent.
With technical support, they offer different solutions to businesses that aim to expand globally. 

Clarksys takes a holistic approach to their client’s business for moving into a new market by making sure all internal IT is running smoothly.


Before working with TaskDrive’s sales development team, Clarksys was struggling with cold outbound and setting up appointments. They wanted to fill up their sales pipeline and close more deals faster.


TaskDrive had a unique solution for Clarksys challenges. With the goal to help Clarksys start sales conversations with possible leads, we offered our fully managed Sales Development service:

The SDR team worked together on building the lists of leads based on the requirements from the sales team at Claksys. They also worked on custom email templates that were used in the different outreach campaigns for the client.


TaskDrive helped Clarksys execute a CIO Whiskey tasting event in Los Angeles, leveraging our cold outreach and campaign design experience.

As a result of a custom-made campaign, we managed to get a positive reply from 6 Fortune 5000 CIOs, that RSVP’d to the event.

“Event went really well last night! Guys were a little standoffish at first. I think they were afraid I was a sales guy trying to pitch them something. Will end up with at least one as a customer, just a matter of how long that takes. Thanks, TaskDrive!”

– Max Clark

Founder of Clarksys

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