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How to Build Backlinks with Infographics

Content strategy is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. Without content, your website would just be a blank page on the web. So, a thoroughly planned and executed content strategy is a number one priority.

Linkbait content

Besides having a website populated with well-optimized content that describes who you are, what your company does, and what products or services you offer, it is also advisable to have content created especially for marketing purposes. Better known as linkbait.

Linkbait is any type of content that you publish on your website that is super valuable and the sole purpose of this content is to attract links back to your site. Why is this important? Well, having quality backlinks can help your website rank better on Google Search Engine Results Pages. It gives your website a better position and more visibility so your potential clients can find you easier.


Infographics as linkbait content


Infographic of Infographics, Source:  Ivan Cash

Research on how people react to visual versus verbal or written content has been conducted many times over the past decades. The main conclusion is that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. That is why visual content such as infographics has so much success in engaging and attracting readers. Creating an infographic can be time-consuming, but if done right, it can bring so much valuable traffic to your website.


Creating an infographic

First, you’ll need to think of a topic that you want to present with an infographic. Do a competitive research and see what linkbait content they published. There are two scenarios that you could choose to follow:


Unamo Competitive Research, Source: Unamo

  1. Find a competitor who created an infographic and see if you can take that same piece of content to a whole new level.
    Keep in mind that if something is super unique and popular, there is a slim chance that you can compete. So keep looking until you find something that you can compete with.
  2. Another scenario is finding your competitors’ most popular textual content, and taking it up a notch. When you have a really useful article that your competitors use to attract backlinks and traffic, you can use it as a resource to create an awesome infographic out of it.


Promoting your infographic

Once you’ve created an infographic and designed the page on your website that the infographic will live on, you should start thinking about the promotion. You can spread the word about it through many different channels. Among your newsletter subscribers, on your social media accounts, get your employees to share it as well… and plan an outreach campaign.


Finding Backlinks with Ahrefs, Source: Ahrefs

Make sure to reach out to all the people that might be interested in giving you a backlink. Be wise — first, use your competitors’ backlinks. Since these websites are already linked to the content that is similar to yours, they will probably want to share your infographic as well. Research other blogs and websites that are covering your industry topics and offer to share the infographic. Be creative when it comes to lead research because you never know who can express interest in the topic you presented.

Super useful time-saving tip: While you are busy working on creating and designing an infographic, consider hiring a team of lead researchers, that can do the research and prepare the list of leads for you to reach out to once your infographic is ready for promotion.

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