How Kentik Used Over 100k Quality Contacts to Grow Their Business


Over 60 projects
118,000 quality contacts
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Keeping a team of 5 SDRs busy

Meet Kentik

Kentik is one of the biggest data platforms that helps businesses turn real-time network traffic data into a valuable asset. Combining comprehensive analytics with business context, Kentik helps optimize performance, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Kentik also helps you protect your business reputation with real-time responses to website performance issues, threats, and attacks.


Acquiring particular information on people was a quite difficult task for Kentik. They used a variety of list-providing platforms, but the information was very limited. If they wanted to have a list of attendees for a particular event with their contact information, using services with lists was not an option. This was because event attendee lists only had contact names without any details that will help Kentik with their outreach to specific leads.

The main challenge that they had was not being able to find certain people with detailed-enough contact information or specific technology users.


The most successful project was finding the power users of a specific technology. They provided us with a list of companies that they wanted to go after and have conversations with. Our team of researchers worked on finding the contact information of ideal prospects within those companies whose titles matched Kentik’s ICP.

“Setting up projects with TaskDrive team was very easy. What we love about TaskDrive is that we oftentimes get additional questions and suggestions for each project. For example, if we wanted to have data enhancement on the lists that we already had. That way we were sure the data we used is current and up-to-date.”

– Tom Grissinger

Head of Demand Generation at Kentik


We worked with Kentik on a variety of tasks and projects. From researching trade show attendees, specific technology power users, to some specific in-house projects. At one point, we had two or three different projects going on at the same time. Our solution for Kentik was providing:

Our solution yielded:


“Working with TaskDrive is kinda like having a crew that’s ready to take on any project that we have in mind. If we need something fast, we just reach out to our CSM with the request and details, and within a week, we receive the first batch of leads.”

– Tom Grissinger

Head of Demand Generation at Kentik

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