[Infographic] How Much Your SDRs Cost You

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You want your business to be successful and profitable, rather than lose money due to bad sales processes.

You want more deals closed, better conversion rates, more qualified leads, but you can’t expect your highest-paid Account Executives to do all that. That’s why you need to delegate tasks to dedicated Sales Development Representatives.

These valuable employees will help your AEs bring in more revenue and hit the desired targets set for your sales team.


Hiring experienced and well-trained SDRs will help your Account Executives focus only on revenue-generating tasks and closing deals. SDRs will take care of everything else.

SDR Team

Not everyone is the right fit for the SDR position. Consider a certain set of skills and if they have any experience in sales. These guys will be in charge of:

  • prospecting,
  • lead generation, and
  • making sure only qualified, hot leads are handed over to AEs.

Creating a winning sales development team is a serious endeavor that entails time and money.

Aside from finding the right people, you also have to spend time on training and onboarding them in the company. Spend time teaching them all the processes and practices that your business runs by. Don’t forget: you will have the risk of employee churn that can impact the entire sales team and cost your business serious amounts of time and money invested.

Tip: Think about your business and your main business activity. If you are a SaaS business, we suggest you focus on designing and delivering the best possible user experience. Leave the sales to a professional outsourced sales development team.


Hiring vs Outsourcing an SDR team

On average, the cost of hiring an in-house SDR team is around $6,000-$10,000 per SDR per month.

This is without the cost of subscriptions for tools and software they have to use to be productive and efficient. Some tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs an additional $100 per month.

Training SDRs takes time and can last from one to three or more months. After the probation period is over, months can pass by before they are able to bring you the ROI you’re looking for.

A simple solution that will save your company money and your team’s time is outsourcing your sales development tasks to a specialized SDR team.

Outsourced SDR teams are trained, experienced and ready to do the legwork. They already have access to many lead generation tools, defined prospecting processes, and are dedicated to the success of your business like an in-house SDR. The main difference — the cost of an outsourced SDR is much less than in-house, costing only $2,490 per SDR per month.

We created an infographic that breaks down all the costs of hiring an in-house SDR.

Check it out and see for yourself how much will you save if you choose to work with a company that provides sales development as a service.


SDR Cost Infographic

How much does hiring an SDR cost

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