4 ChatGPT LinkedIn Prompts & Shortcuts to Fuel Your Business Growth

ChatGPT LinkedIn Prompts

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Following the success of TaskDrive’s recent webinar “ChatGPT: Your Sales Assistant,” CEO Tim Cakir is at it again—this time, with a focus on what ChatGPT can do to help individuals and businesses leverage their LinkedIn profiles.

With ChatGPT’s new role as a LinkedIn assistant, Tim guided the participants on how to use the AI tool to maximize presence on the platform by crafting a noteworthy LinkedIn bio, generating content ideas in bulk, commenting on posts, repurposing an article into LinkedIn posts, and creating custom prompts.

The real deal about LinkedIn

With more than 930 million users, LinkedIn is a very hot platform for a lot of reasons:

  • For individuals, it is a virtual resume to showcase their skills, experience, and accomplishments.
  • The extensive network provides opportunities for professionals to connect with like-minded people, industry experts, and thought leaders.
  • It’s a virtual venue for knowledge exchange. You’ll witness webinars, newsletters, and discussions going on in different industries and circles.
  • The platform is full of educational resources—courses, articles, and industry-specific content which professionals can use to upskill and stay ahead of the curve.
  • It is also great for personal branding and marketing oneself’s credibility in the market.
  • For advertisers and companies in the B2B niche or B2C but who want to reach very specific markets, it’s a very targeted platform. Audiences can be targeted according to industry, job title, and even job seniority.

Of course, with millions of users in the same space, it can be challenging to stand out. Over the past years, the TaskDrive team has published a few resources to help with navigating LinkedIn:

Now, thanks to tools like ChatGPT, there are even more strategies that can help you make the most of your presence on LinkedIn.

4 things that ChatGPT, your LinkedIn assistant can help you with

1. Creating a LinkedIn bio

Every time someone visits your LinkedIn profile for the very first time, they will most likely look at your bio to get to know you more. 

While Tim discussed the exact process and showed the prompt itself via screen-share during the roundtable, here’s a recap of how to use ChatGPT to create not just any LinkedIn bio—but a compelling one.

  • The prompt itself should be very detailed. Do not be afraid of going into long and arduous details.
  • Tell ChatGPT about the role you want it to take on. (ex. You are a copywriting expert in LinkedIn “About” bio sections.”
  • Tell it what you need it to do.
  • Provide the framework that you want it to follow. (ex. First, use a hook to draw attention and establish relevance. Then paint a picture of your target audience’s pain points. Next…”
  • Paste an example. 
  • Instruct ChatGPT to ask you specific probing questions one by one so it can get the answers it needs to draft an awesome LinkedIn bio—and actually provide the questions. 
  • After it churns out the first draft, you can request some edits or for it to inject more of your personality. (ex. Please add more about my personality and passions. I am a vegan, and I love traveling. Please add some of my core values too, which are…)

Here’s an example of a LinkedIn bio that was created by ChatGPT for David Henzel, CEO of upcoach:

Are you a coach overwhelmed by the chaos of managing multiple tools and struggling to scale your business? Tired of using sheets and docs to create impactful programs for your clients?

You’re not alone. Many coaches and coaching companies face the challenge of juggling too many platforms with limited integrations, making it difficult to create truly transformative coaching experiences.

Imagine having a seamless, all-in-one coaching platform that integrates with your favorite tools, enables you to build custom blocks, and uses scalable technology to help you grow your business with ease.

Hi, I’m David, the CEO of upcoach, and we’ve designed the perfect solution to help you transform your clients’ lives and scale your coaching business effortlessly. 

As a connector, entrepreneur, and coach, I’m passionate about helping people grow. I’ve built multiple successful businesses, including TaskDrive and LTVplus, and I understand the pain points coaches face when trying to create and deliver meaningful coaching programs.

Outside of my business ventures, I’m a devoted family man, an enthusiastic traveler, and a proud vegan who enjoys working on my farm. My love for entrepreneurship has inspired me to create the Managing Happiness coaching program, where I share my knowledge and experience with fellow coaches.

Introducing upcoach, the WordPress of coaching platforms! Our coaching platform empowers you to:

  1. Effortlessly create customized coaching programs with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder
  2. Manage all aspects of your coaching business in one place, from client management to program delivery
  3. Scale your coaching business confidently by streamlining processes and centralizing management

With upcoach, you can focus on what you do best—transforming lives and growing your coaching business – while we handle the rest.

Don’t let the limitations of traditional coaching tools hold you back. Experience the freedom, and scalability that upcoach can bring to your coaching journey.

Ready to transform your coaching business? Reach out to me today and let’s get started!

Try it on your own bio! Get the prompt here. Over 3,000 people have already used this in the short while it has been up.

2. Generating content ideas

Let’s say you have a rocking LinkedIn bio already, but you’re not active at all. On LinkedIn, apparently, only 1% are creators. To get inbound leads, forge new connections, and grow your brand, you should create content. 

Of course, this doesn’t come as easy to others, so ChatGPT is here to the rescue! Here are some tips:

  • Establish ChatGPT’s role. (ex. You are a content brainstorming assistant.)
  • Provide a framework for it to follow, as well as a style to follow.
  • Instruct ChatGPT to dig deep and ask you specific questions to get more information. Yes, you will provide the questions and you need to instruct ChatGPT to ask you these questions one by one and wait for you to answer before proceeding to the next. (ex. Give 3-5 keywords you usually write about.)
  • Tell ChatGPT if you want a full-on post or just a list of content ideas.
  • If you requested topic ideas, you can give a follow-up prompt to ask ChatGPT to provide an outline for your chosen topic, followed by a draft.
  • Do NOT post the drafts as they are! Inject your personality.

Here’s a sample conversation from ChatGPT and Tim:

ChatGPT: Give 3-5 keywords that you usually write about.
Tim: Growth, Sales, ChatGPT
ChatGPT: Select specific content styles you prefer.
Tim: Listicle, Actionable, and Motivational content styles.

Now, here’s a list of content ideas generated:

  • Actionable: 5 Essential Tools to Supercharge Your Business Growth: A Step-by-Step Guide 
  • Listicle: Top 10 Growth Tools Every Startup Must Have in 2023
  • Motivational: How Embracing the Right Tools Catapulted Our Startup’s Growth: A Founder’s Journey

Start creating content in bulk—you can post once a week, or even twice a month just to get used to it. The prompt will be published here soon.

3. Engaging with posts on LinkedIn

Commenting on others’ posts is just as important as creating your own content. After all, how will people see you? Start by commenting on 10-15 posts from thought leaders or professionals. Can’t think of what to comment? Follow these steps:

  • Go to your LinkedIn newsfeed and check out the content from people you follow
  • Read the post you want to engage with
  • In ChatGPT, prompt it to act like you and introduce yourself. Include things about yourself that also resonate with the post you read. (ex. The post is about 1-1 sessions. In your prompt, you can say “I love holding 1-1s because they help me support my team.”
  • Tell ChatGPT about the post and that you want to create a great comment. Add directives such as “Do not paraphrase, do not simply summarize.”
  • Paste the post.
  • Keep editing and tweaking the draft that ChatGPT churns out. Tell it to remove things you don’t like, or to keep within a specific character count. 

Excited to comment on some posts and make your presence known? Watch this space—we’ll publish the actual prompt soon.

4. Creating posts from an article

Aside from prompting ChatGPT to create content topics and then drafting the actual posts, you can also prompt it to create posts from an already existing blog article on your website. 

  • Take the URL of the blog you want to create a post from
  • ChatGPT can livecrawl URLs. Instruct it to create three or any specific number of posts or ideas from that blog article.

We’ll post the prompt here soon!

LinkedIn without limits: creating custom prompts

Aside from using these prompts, you can actually create your own prompt using ChatGPT. You can check out the Prompt Iterator here or sign up for this Limited Time Exclusive Offer: Custom AI Prompt Engineering for Your Business

TaskDrive’s CEO Tim Cakir is offering an exclusive package for only $499 to the first five people who will sign up. The package includes:

  • One-hour consultation call wherein you will discuss your business needs and identify areas where custom prompts can be most effective
  • Five custom-engineered ChatGPT prompts. You will get unique prompts tailored specifically to your business needs and requirements.

Don’t worry—even if you don’t sign up for this exclusive offer, you can always schedule a free consultation with the TaskDrive team to discuss growing your business through effective lead generation strategies.

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