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Increase Productivity with these Four Tools in Your Sales Stack

The Sales Stack is an important part of every business operation. It’s the technology you rely on each day to take you through each part of the sales process. If you’re not using the best technology available to you, you’re likely missing out on some potential sales.

When you use the right tech in your sales stack, not only can you get more sales though, but your entire team can be more productive. And in a world where there often isn’t a big gap between a business that fails and one that succeeds, doing everything you can to increase your ROI through productivity boosts is essential.

With that in mind, here are four tools that you should consider adding to your business’s sales stack if you haven’t already. Each one of them is designed to handle a specific aspect of your sales funnel, and will hopefully improve productivity overall.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool – Pipedrive


Perhaps the most essential of tools in a sales stack is a CRM. A good CRM tool will help a business to manage all of the customers – both past and present – and use the information to improve relationships. This is where you’ll store all of the information about every customer you’ve ever interacted with, so it’s something your sales staff will lean on heavily.

A great option to consider is Pipedrive. This sales CRM is designed with simplicity in mind. All emails, calls, and progress are tracked automatically so that you don’t have to get bogged down in recording information. Pipedrive also aims to streamline the entire sales process, so that as soon as you open it up, you know exactly what you need to do next and how to do it.

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Alternative Option: Say2B – If you don’t want to go with Pipedrive, consider Say2B. This software is both a CRM and a tool to bring back customers. Say2B works by offering your past customers rewards for each time they do business with you. This encourages them to become repeat customers, something that is essential for every business. Say2B is free to try out, so you can see if you like it before committing to the higher-priced models.

A Lead Generation Tool – Hubspot


Of course, a CRM doesn’t do you much good if it’s empty. You need to fill it up with customers, and for that to happen you need to first generate some leads. Generating quality leads is hard work, but it becomes a lot easier when you have a good lead generation strategy and a strong tool at your side.

For this, we recommend checking out Hubspot. Hubspot offers a wide range of services, from online analytic tools to CRM, but also tools for lead generation. With Hubspot, you can gain a lot of insights into how you’re generating your leads, and use the data to make better decisions. On top of that, Hubspot offers a ton of free courses that can help you to draw in more leads, especially online.

When you have the right tool, lead generation becomes a lot simpler and faster. This means your sales team will have to spend less time coming up with lead generation ideas, and instead use their time to work on converting them into customers. As a result, your team will end up being more productive, making a good lead generation tool essential.

A Sales Tool – LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

No sales stack would be complete without a tool dedicated to sales. With the right sales tool, you can reach your target audience faster and close the sale sooner. There are a lot of options out there, but one tool we recommend is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. While this tool is great for all businesses, it’s especially useful for B2B sales. It allows you to quickly connect with people through LinkedIn. And since most business professionals are on LinkedIn, this is the ideal place to find leads.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, we also recommend checking out our fully managed LinkedIn selling service. Our service can help you to fill your sales pipelines with high quality leads through targeted social advertising on LinkedIn, all without adding more work onto your own plate.

A Team Productivity Tool – Bitrix24


The first two tools on this list were aimed at making your business more productive by making it easier to find and manage customers. However, even if you have these tools in place, they won’t be used to their fullest potential if the sales staff is unmotivated or unorganized. To keep that from happening, you’ll want a tool dedicated to improving productivity among your team members.

Bitrix24 is a great option to consider. It comes with collaborative task management for groups of any size, along with time tracking, reminders, templates, and much more. Best of all, you can even use Bitrix24 to communicate with your team, so you don’t have to set up a separate piece of software.

Bitrix24 comes with several pricing models, with the lowest option being free, so you can try it out before you buy.

Alternative Option: Actioned – Another team productivity app to consider is Actioned. This tool improves team productivity by focusing on the day to day tasks. With it, you can see what other team members are working on, track goals, and create helpful task lists. And while many productivity apps include time tracking, Actioned considers this invasive and does away with it. You can try out Actioned for free and see if it helps your teamwork more efficient.

Finding the Best Tools for Your Business

When it comes to tools for your sales stack, there are hundreds of options. In order to find the best ones, you need to take some time and analyze your own business. The tool that is perfect for one company may not be a good fit for another.

In what areas is your business struggling? Do you have trouble bringing in leads, motivating your team, or managing your past customers? If so, one of the above tools will likely benefit you. If your business is having other issues, do some research and see what tools are out there that can help.

But, if you can be honest with yourself about what your business needs, you should have no trouble finding the right tool. Once you get it fully implemented, you’ll become more productive and ultimately grow your business.

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