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ZoomInfo Alternatives

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Are you searching for ZoomInfo competitors? ZoomInfo is probably one of the most popular business intelligence tools. After all, it provides accurate and actionable B2B contact and company intelligence to help businesses speed up growth and profitability. 

Its Growth Acceleration platform helps with marketing campaigns, sales prospecting, email address acquisition, and background information gathering. 

However, ZoomInfo recently increased its prices. As expected, this was not warmly welcomed by many users.

If you, too, are not happy with this decision, take a look below at some of the top ZoomInfo competitors.

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GrowLabs (now Rollworks)

GrowLabs screenshot

GrowLabs is a well-known all-in-one outbound B2B sales automation system that helps companies find more customers. It combines lead generation with advanced automation, allowing businesses to grow at scale through improved outbound sales.

This way, your sales team is saved from extensive manual prospecting and lead nurturing. In turn, sales reps will have more time to focus on more important tasks. 

The tool pulls information from millions of websites to get qualified leads. Additionally, automated sales outreach includes automated cold emails and triggered follow-ups, while personalized content boosts positive replies. 

The UX is quite intuitive, so you will have no difficulty getting used to it.

ProsQuality data.
Automated cold emails.
Triggered follow-ups
ConsNo free trial
Ease of useIntuitive user experience and user interface
PricingBy quote


lead411 database

Lead411 is a top ZoomInfo alternative that provides verified emails and direct dials. The platform also has growth intent triggers, making it easy to identify companies that are looking for your services. One of their best features is Reach which is essentially a sales engagement tool that can help with outreach cadences.

ProsAbility to search by employee and company
Easy CRM integrations
Rich in features (lead scoring, mobile b2b direct dials, etc.)
Offers 90-day verification schedule
ConsReach Analytics can be enhanced to be more in-depth 
Presence of bugs causes the platform to slow down at times
Ease of useUI/UX is intuitive and easy to navigate
PricingFree trial available
Basic starts at $75/month
Enterprise plans available


apollo screenshot

Another ZoomInfo alternative, Apollo offers a platform that combines project management, time management, and CRM all in a single integrated interface.

With Apollo, you can easily manage projects, use its own calendar packed with various features, communicate with team members using project messages (email integration included), create invoices, and manage time entries.

All of this is available on a single platform. The dashboard is clear and concise. On the left, you can check your tasks, calendar, projects, and contacts. There is also an Overview feature so you don’t have to check every segment of every project separately.

It’s also worth noting that Apollo offers customizable templates if you aren’t comfortable with default preferences.

ProsBeautiful dashboard.
Allows importing information from different places.
Easy for managing clients, projects, and tasks
ConsNew product features and improvements can be somewhat slow.
Sometimes fails to identify when a contact replies with a ‘not interested’ response, causing the contact to be messaged repeatedly when they should not be
Ease of useFiltering and prospecting are intuitive.
PricingStarts at $14 per month (per 7 users)

Crunchbase Pro

Crunchbase Pro screenshot

Crunchbase Pro is one of the toughest ZoomInfo competitors. It allows users to find, track, and analyze companies they are interested in. 

This tool offers search capacities and access to companies’ profiles along with trend analytics.

As a user, one is provided with an unlimited number of filters so you can locate exactly what you are searching for. The search can be saved and the software will find all new matches even after the search has been saved.

Additionally, one can create custom lists based on specific criteria, such as various companies, people, or investors. 

Profiles pulled can be ranked. Additionally, it provides analytics and reports based on real-time data. There is also a possibility to create custom alerts for saved searches.

Finally, all results can be exported to a CSV file.

ProsDetailed view of funding rounds and frequency
Additional information on the company’s competitors, rank in the market, and more
Salesforce integration
ConsSometimes there are data discrepancies between Crunchbase data vs. the company’s profile on LinkedIn.
The results do not show contact details for individual people
Ease of useUX/UI is easy to navigate, which makes it a simple tool to use for inexperienced sales reps
PricingCrunchbase (basic plan) is freeCrunchbase Pro starts at $29 a month per user


EverString screenshot

EverString offers a business database management system solution that helps combine business data through machine learning, web crawlers, AI, and so on.

This tool is designed for B2B sales and marketing professionals to drive pipeline growth, close new customers, expand into new markets, prioritize accounts, and provide actionable insights.

Many users claim that EverString is a great platform for building an account-focused sales strategy. So, if you want to make the lives of your sales reps easier, get this tool.

The interface is intuitive, responsive, and allows users to get to the end of their tasks quickly.

ProsGreat client support.
It finds great company data and segments information well.
Finds extra information and saves time.
ConsSome users dislike the tool’s black box model used for FIT scoring because you can’t tweak the variables that go into the model to ensure that the score reflects what you value most.
Phone numbers are sometimes inaccurate.
The extension sometimes crashes inside Salesforce.
Ease of useIt is easy to pull/create a report.
User-friendly interface makes it simple to look up various data and get the information you need.
Saved lists are easy to navigate and modify
PricingBy quote


Seamless screenshot

Seamless.ai is a ZoomInfo competitor designed to help marketers find and develop sales leads. Finding prospects, and collecting emails and phone numbers is a breeze with Seamless.ai.

On top of that, this platform also gathers information that can be of great importance—especially if you are looking for insights before you start making business connections.

Seamless.ai directly imports data into your CRM and its user interface is quite intuitive. You can actually find new leads by typing a title name or a department name, and that’s it.

Many users state that this platform makes it quite easy for them to get what they need from LinkedIn.

ProsSets tags, saves lists, and imports into Salesforce quite easily
Ease of integration with websites and LinkedIn with their Seamless Chrome extension
ConsSome users would prefer if there was an easier way to sort by contacts who have been imported vs. who those haven’t
Could use an easier way to report bad data
Ease of useIt is rather easy to source contact data (phone, email) for prospects right from Sales Navigator or directly from the Seamless.ai platform
PricingBy quote


LeadIQ screenshot

With LeadIQ, prospecting is fun and easy. Developers behind this product only had one thing in mind—eliminating the annoying parts of prospecting.

And based on reviews, they actually did it. LeadIQ is perfect for prospecting teams. Its data is more accurate than what some other tools provide, and the direct integration with CRMs (Salesforce, for example) saves a lot of time. 

One of the best things about this ZoomInfo competitor is its ease of use. When integrated with Salesforce, you can access contact data without interrupting prospecting processes and feed that data directly into a database.

ProsLocates work numbers and emails accurately.
You can capture data from a lead search list in Sales Navigator, not just from the person’s profile page, which allows you to find data on multiple people at a time
ConsSome users reported struggling with optimizing the Salesforce integration, which often results in duplicate data.
Sometimes the system malfunctions 
Ease of useEasy to use because of its clean interface
PricingStarts at $60 per month.
No free version, but there is a free trial


DataFox is another great ZoomInfo competitor that is used for prospecting. It is actually an information portal where companies seek reliable, updated, and accurate data.

This ‘search engine’ provides accurate results based on relevant filters defined by users. Sales and marketing departments use this tool to do market and competitor research. DataFox will get you company data, contact information, signals, leads, and so on. 

The biggest advantage of DataFox is that there are market professionals behind this tool who are always refreshing data so you’re always working with the most recent and precise information. 

ProsSalesforce integration.
Allows for filtering company searches with very specific criteria
ConsDoesn’t have a lot of data on smaller companies.
Sometimes shows info that is not consistent with companies’ LinkedIn accounts
Ease of useCompany Search Module makes it easy to search for companies.
Clean UI that is easy to navigate and learn quickly
PricingBy quote.
No free trial

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator screenshot

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sophisticated sales tool used by a myriad of sales teams and companies.

Its main purpose is to build and nurture customer relationships on the network. With this tool, a user can reach the right kind of customers by using the search and filter features. 

The app also provides actionable information and insights that enable users to better understand leads and prospects. In turn, users can engage with them at a more personal level by offering personalized and tailored content and offers. 

Additionally, LinkedIn Sales Navigator keeps users’ personal and professional brands separate so they can easily focus on different things at different times. 

ProsOffers free trial.
Suggests new companies similar to ones you are already working with
Sends notifications when there is news about a prospect
ConsSearch criteria could be a bit more granular
Having access to more contact information would be helpful
Ease of useSimple UI and UX help you save time.
Easy to understand 
PricingThe Professional plan starts at $64.99 per month 
For Team and Enterprise plans, reach out to the company


Slintel screenshot

Slintel is a data intelligence platform designed for sales and marketing teams. 

With it, sales and marketing teams can access rich and vital information about companies and leads. Slintel also helps streamline the lead research and generation processes, increase conversions, and maximize marketing ROI.

This platform is powered by machine learning and predictive intelligence, and it enables users to gain deep insights from technographic and firmographic data. It’s possible to seek different competitive technologies, as well as understand their buying behavior, technology usage, and spending. 

On top of that, Slintel also provides other essential company and lead intelligence including email or direct dial information, social activities, financial data, products and services, as well as key decision-makers.

ProsFree trial.
Integration with Salesforce and other CRMs
ConsScalable data handling and analytics would be useful
Ease of useSimple to use and understand
PricingBy quote

Data enrichment tools


clearbit screenshot

Clearbit is all about quality data. This solution is designed for smarter scoring, better routing, and more revenue. Clearbit automatically updates sales records with the accurate company and contact data. 

This software solution was designed for better targeting and finding the right prospects. When you set up smart lead scoring and segment lists, there is a high chance of reaching out to the right person with the right message.

Features offered by Clearbit also allow you to do thorough research on a certain industry, gain important marketing insights, and you can even enjoy mobile user support.  

Many claim that the emails this tool can find are accurate and that Clearbit is really easy to use. Additionally, the integration with Salesforce is great.

ProsEasily integrated with Salesforce
Accurate phone numbers and emails
ConsSearches are limited to 20 contacts per account, but you can go back and search again for 20 additional.
No exact region search per se; the search option pulls mostly from the region specified but not only
Ease of useSimple layout, easy to read and navigate while also quickly allowing SDRs to find company associated webpages
PricingBy quote


Hunter screenshot

Hunter.io is a great tool for email verification that enables users to find and verify business emails with its search filters. 

It is a web-based email search and verification tool widely praised for its ease of access and search criteria. Many other tools require too many components to conduct a thorough search. 

On the other hand, Hunter does not require too much information. After all, salespeople often have limited information to work with. 

There are many who claim that Hunter.io’s free tool helped them build contracts with many clients. Therefore, when you consider everything, the ROI is more than decent.

ProsPulls accurate email domainsGreat at finding personal phone numbers for U.S. contacts
ConsSmaller bugs may appear at times.
Doesn’t give options to try additional email formats in their search bar
Ease of useYou can input the contacts’ names and copy-paste from the Chrome extension, which saves a lot of time when trying to find the right address
PricingStarts at $49 per month


Lusha screenshot

Lusha is, simply put, an email and phone number finder mainly designed for applicant tracking and recruitment purposes. However, it can also be deployed by sales and marketing professionals to boost their campaigns.

This tool is very easy to use and it makes finding emails and phone numbers of prospective clients and potential employees/partners a breeze. What’s even more, the accuracy and response rate are both great.

Lusha can benefit marketers and sales professionals by pulling accurate contact details of potential clients. But it can also help HR managers along with recruiters since it allows them to get in touch with the most qualified applicants and potential candidates quickly and effortlessly. 

Most users claim that the biggest benefit of this tool is the accuracy of contact details it can obtain.

ProsProvides personal emails.
High number of mobile numbers which enable texting and are more likely to be picked up.
Free version.
ConsSome users dislike the inability to select what profiles can be utilized.
A bit too expensive when compared to similar tools
Ease of useVery simple interface, great for beginners
PricingFree trial available. Free version available.
Professional plan starts at $99 per month.
Premium plan starts at $199 per month.
Enterprise plan is by quote

Intent data tool


Zoominfo competitor - LeadSift screenshot

Another great sales intelligence platform, LeadSift generates qualified leads from the internet. 

People behind LeadSift monitor public mentions of competitors’ content. They also qualify and remove noise so that they can send users a daily digest of opportunities.

Many claim that the best bit about this platform is how specific a user can be in creating a lead list through its Lead Detector. 

Aside from Campaign Type, Event Triggers, Role, Industry, Size, Location, it has advanced filters to help users filter the list to their own preferences. 

ProsFree trial.
Great support.
Daily updates with new prospects for review
ConsIntegrates only with Salesforce
It would be great to get more analytics on the new leads/prospects
Ease of useReliable, simple to use
PricingBy quote
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See how you can leverage lead databases with our 14 lead sourcing playbooks.

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There is no doubt that ZoomInfo is a great platform that holds even greater power for those who know how to use it properly.

However, it is even clearer that you don’t have to spend through the roof to get a quality sales intelligence tool and get the job done.

So, take a good look, consider every option, and evaluate whether you’ll make a switch to one of the Zoominfo competitors listed in this article.

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