How it Works

Describe the leads you want and we find the ideal contacts for you.

Tell Us Who Your
Ideal Customers Are

Provide us with a three sentence description of your ideal customer(s) and we get to work.
Not only can we find your target companies and contacts, we can also research for any additional data fields to help you with hyper-targeted campaigns.
Most importantly, all our lists are hand-curated and built according to your specifications.

We Get to Work

We train a Lead Researcher for you to find your ideal leads or prospects, and we begin gathering all the data you need.
You have full access to the lead generation process and your Lead Researchers’ performance metrics and reports.

You Receive
Optimal Results

With your leads ready, easily download them as an Excel file or have them automatically synchronized with your Salesforce CRM.
Give your leads extra context and create hyper-targeted campaigns from all the relevant data collected.

See TaskDrive in action and
have your teams focus on revenue growth.