AI for Email Management: Why It’s a Match Made in [Digital] Heaven + 11 Must-Have Tools

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Technology only continues to march forward with AI tools advancing in sophistication with each passing month. However, AI tools are far from the completely independent workforce killers we thought they would be. As such, we still need experts who specialize in the art of ‘AI whispering’ to get the best results out of their use.

In the world of eCommerce and even B2B, one field that would benefit from AI tool support would be email marketing. Check out these numbers:

So how can AI help you with your own email marketing efforts? What AI tools are already available for you to leverage?

Before we lay it all down, let’s tackle the key benefits you can expect from using AI to maximize your email marketing tools.

After all, there has to be a reason behind why 91% of top businesses are already investing in AI technology.

The current state of AI email marketing

An online customer opening their inbox and reading email marketing campaigns

Email marketing continues to play an increasingly important role in email marketing, helping businesses optimize their campaigns, increase engagement, and drive revenue. AI email marketing strategies, on the other hand, can definitely level up the marketing experience for both businesses and consumers.

Currently, the integration of AI into our email marketing platforms has grown beyond being a mere trend. It’s now reshaping the way businesses and individuals engage with their inboxes.

So, what does the current state of AI email marketing look like?

Picture this: AI email marketing algorithms sift through colossal amounts of data, learning about your customers’ email preferences, behaviors, and interactions. They analyze email subject lines, track open and click-through rates, and even predict when you’re most likely to engage with your emails. It’s like having a personal email assistant—minus the coffee runs.

12 key benefits of using AI in email marketing

A marketing team looking at data driven insights and email performance

1. It can drive your email personalization to a whole new level

With AI, email campaigns can deliver the most relevant messages to both potential prospects and existing customers.

Since AI in email marketing can analyze data at scale, businesses can more accurately tailor content to individual recipients. This will allow you to craft hyper-personalized emails that resonate with individuals, and 74% of marketers actually share that targeted personalization has a positive impact on customer engagement. Marketers even see an average increase of 20% in sales when they focus on delivering personalized experiences.

2. It will help improve your segmentation

Segmented and targeted emails actually generate more than 50% of revenue. Email marketers have even shared that they noticed an impressive 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns.

Any email marketing platform has features that allow business owners and email marketers to segment contact lists according to behavior and preferences. However, AI-driven segmentation can speed up this process and reduce human error—helping you achieve increased relevance and customer loyalty.

3. Access to predictive insights

AI in email marketing provides you with machine learning and predictive analytics, helping you anticipate customer behavior. Email marketers will also be able to identify potential issues and proactively adjust strategies to maximize results.

4. More efficient automation

You can say goodbye to handling repetitive tasks. AI-driven marketing automation can help you with campaign scheduling, A/B testing, and behavioral triggers. All of which your AI email marketing tools can execute with precision and speed—saving you time and resources.

With AI-powered automation, you can make sure your customers receive timely, relevant emails based on their actions. In turn, these automated emails can generate over 300% more revenue than non-automated ones.

5. Higher open and click-through rates

AI tools can assist you with optimizing subject lines, email content, and send times since they have the ability to analyze data faster than humans. Something such as simply sending emails at the right time can already have a big impact on your revenue.

While research shows that the best times to send eCommerce email campaigns are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 AM, this is simply a guide. Remember, your customers are different, and they have different behaviors. AI in your email marketing tool can help you unlock the perfect time.

6. Decrease in churn rate and improvement in retention

You can use AI to identify at-risk customers. After that, you can send targeted win-back email campaigns or retention campaigns—reducing customer churn and increasing customer loyalty. In short, AI helps businesses stay one step ahead.

7. Assistance with content generation

There are AI tools and email marketing platforms that can help you create content for your emails—product descriptions, recommendations, and personalized messages which can streamline your content creation processes alongside your email marketing strategy. With natural language processing and conversational AI, inbound marketers can cut down the time on content production while getting continuous inspiration.

8. Enhanced email security

There are AI-driven email security tools that can help you protect both your businesses and customers. They could deal with risks like phishing attacks, malware, and other email threats. Ensuring secure and trustworthy communications for you and your customers.

9. Assistance with compliance

AI can also help you ensure that your email marketing practices comply with regulations like GDPR and CAN-SPAM. AI tools can monitor consent and data protection requirements—helping you take extra care when managing your emails.

10. Resource allocation will be more efficient

With AI, you can allocate resources more efficiently by automating tasks and focusing efforts on high-impact activities—leading to cost savings. For example, your team can have more time on their hands to strategize and come up with unique ideas while the AI tools analyze data in the background.

11. Flexible and easily scalable

AI tools can scale with the growing demands of your email marketing. This can help you manage larger subscriber lists and more complex campaigns effectively.

12. Decrease chances of landing in spam

Sales teams are already using artificial intelligence to succeed in sales. One of the things that SDRs do is invest in crafting effective cold emails. However, as sales and marketing people know, outgoing messages can land in spam folders. There are AI tools that provide information and give comments on how to write cold emails so it is less likely to land in spam.

11 AI email marketing tools we recommend

You might not know it, but you could already be using AI tools in your email marketing. Just in case you already know some of these, here are more AI tools you can add to your arsenal so you can deliver an amazing customer journey.

For writing awesome emails


  • Paid plan starts at $49 per month; 7-day free trial available

Smartwriter.AI is especially useful if you’re looking to automate your research and email composing process. You can even create personalized emails specifically designed to encourage your leads to take action.

Smartwriter claims that you can get 8x more replies. It is best used by B2B companies looking to elevate their outreach email campaigns.


  • Paid plan starts at $47 per month, with a yearly plan option at $37.9 per month

Instantly.AI is great for helping you with sending cold emails to your target audience. You can automate your cold emails and get deliverability insights. All this will help you increase your open and response rates.

The Email Warm Up feature, in particular, helps keep emails out of the spam folder and improves sending reputation. The dashboard shows you the status of emails sent and how many landed in spam.


  • Flexible pricing, contact their sales team for more details

Do you experience creative blocks with your subject line, intro texts, and email body? Phrasee can help with writing more effective content for subject lines up to email campaigns, cart abandonment workflows, and even re-engagement campaigns. Though AI-powered, its key feature is its deep-learning algorithms that can come up with a more natural-sounding copy.

For zeroing in on customer data analysis

Zeta Email

  • Contact the Zeta team for pricing details

Zeta can help you use more targeted omnichannel email campaigns, improving your email performance and engagement. Zeta also actively tracks user behavior, helping you dynamically create personalized email content. In turn, this results in more meaningful customer interactions.


  • 3 packages to choose from, but you’ll need to contact their sales team

Calling themselves the “first customer-led marketing platform,” Optimove can help you create personalized and data-driven omnichannel marketing strategies based on your customer data. For emails, since it has a deep view of customer data, the platform includes features you can use to create personalized campaigns and automatic recommendations.

For email automation

Drift Email

  • Contact the Drift Email team to get details on their pricing

Drift’s highlight is its email bots that let you initiate and manage email communications with multiple contacts at once. The AI scans messages and automatically separates actual human responses from auto-replies. That way, it will be easier for you to proactively move your prospects to the sales funnel at the right times.

Additionally, cleaning contact records in the platform and CRM can also be automated. This includes deleting invalid email addresses and finding any changes in customer data.

  • Starts at $140 per month specializes in sending automated and personalized newsletters tailored to individual interests. Create appealing and engaging newsletters each carefully tailored to each of your subscribers’ preferences. Their testimonials on their website speak praise about how Rasa is able to speed up email creation while delivering higher open rates.

For optimizing your emails for best performance


  • Paid plan starts at $18 per month

HubSpot is best known for its automation features, but did you know that it uses AI tools to help you as well? Its AI tools will help you analyze customer behavior, segment your audiences, and optimize your email content.

With its automation features, you can automate your email workflows and track your email performance with comprehensive analytics. SDRs can also use HubSpot to manage a sales pipeline and generate reports.


  • Paid plan starts at $6.50 per month; free version available

Mailchimp’s AI tools center around product recommendations and send time optimization. This allows you to create and send highly personalized and timely emails. Mailchimp also has features for content optimization and audience management.


  • Paid plan starts at $25 per month; free version available

Brevo can help you automate repetitive tasks to make it easier for you to send targeted and relevant email content. The platform can automatically segment contacts according to their behavior, interests, and other relevant attributes. Triggers can also be set up with the workflow editor so you can create cross-channel campaigns quickly.

Twilio SendGrid

  • Starts at $19.95 per month; can contact their sales team for more details)

Twilio Sendgrid focuses on optimizing email delivery across different email platforms.Its AI tools track message openings based on criteria such as email provider, location, and device.

Bonus: ChatGPT prompts for your email campaigns and newsletter

ChatGPT is a great AI chatbot for general inquiries or straight-up copy generation. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can generate rough drafts to help you get started with your written content.

Essentially, ChatGPT can work as a quick research assistant for you. However, be sure to always double-check what ChatGPT generates for you and make the necessary edits.

A.I Habit already compiled an extensive list of ChatGPT newsletter prompts you can refer to. We’ll highlight the ones that you can try out right now.

Prompt: “Can you summarize the top three [industry] trends from the past quarter?”

Use this prompt to help you generate a quick summary and get started on your industry news roundup newsletter. From there, you can start fleshing out the copy more with additional relevant information.

Prompt: “How has [expert name] contributed to shaping the [industry] landscape?”

A newsletter highlighting expert advice would greatly benefit from this prompt. Expert interviews. Just input the specific expert’s name and specific industry and you’ll get a quick rundown or relevant information.

Prompt: “What are the pros and cons of [industry-related debate]?”

How about newsletters to help start discussion with your community? This prompt can help you start writing copy for an opinion piece newsletter. Engage your audience and encourage them to also share their thoughts on the topic.

“What are the top 5 [industry] tools worth investing in this year?”

Does your audience need more help deciding which products to go for? Write up a product or service review newsletter with the help of this prompt. ChatGPT can help compile reviews and comparisons between products or services related to your industry.

“What are some common misconceptions about [industry-specific concept]?”

Newsletters that help address frequently asked questions are a welcome sight to your subscribers. With this prompt, you can highlight common misconceptions and, in turn, address them accordingly in your newsletter.

These are great prompt templates to help you get started with ChatGPT’s AI-powered assistance. Always remember though that, whatever it generates, you must take them as references or starting points.

However, if you’re looking for prompts more tailored specifically to your business…

Leverage this match made in heaven by equipping your business with AI email tools

Sales and marketing team using AI for digital marketing and email marketing

The world of AI for email management is truly remarkable. It’s a digital partnership that’s currently rewriting the rules of email engagement—bringing convenience, personalization, and efficiency to inboxes like never before.

From driving email personalization to securing and nurturing leads, from boosting engagement rates to making data-driven decisions about customer journeys, AI has proven to be an indispensable tool.

But here’s the real magic: the journey has only just begun. As AI continues to evolve, we can only imagine the endless possibilities it will unlock for email management in the future.

Our team of experts can help you skip the learning curve when harnessing the power of AI technology. We can help guide you to unlock the full growth and profit potential of using AI with your email marketing and management efforts.

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