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Announcing Our New Service: Managed Email Outreach

Helping businesses achieve their goals has always been the main focus of how we do business. Providing lead research for our clients has only been enough for businesses that have the manpower to use those leads properly. Being asked so many times if we also provide managed email outreach.  We finally have some good news!

As of this September, we have our own in-house team of experienced and success driven people that can help you grow your business with managed, targeted email outreach campaigns.

What do you get

Email Outreach

So besides generating and providing you with lists of hand-crafted leads, we can now write, send, and A/B test high-converting email drip campaigns.

What we learned over the years is that using already drafted email templates is just a waste of time and precious leads. Cold emails have to be personalized and targeted towards a specific lead niche in order for them to work and bring you the ROI you’re aiming for.

That is why our team of email outreach experts first studies the leads and based on the insights creates a high-converting email drip campaign. The main goal is to warm up your leads and have conversations with them until they are ready to convert. At that moment, we deliver all the interested leads to you so you can take the final step to close the deal.

At the end of a campaign we will generate a market insights report that consists of:

  • Who to contact within a company
  • What subject lines work (and which ones don’t)
  • Reply rates by industry


How it works – the process

The whole process is simple.

1. Client onboarding

When setting up a profile for each new client, we want to make sure we understand who you are. What your business does, what product or service you offer, and what is your target market. An important part of this step is identifying what distinguishes you from the competition and what are your business strengths and weaknesses . and what are the goals you want to achieve by working with our team.


2. Data preparation (separate service)

We work closely with you in order to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). We can then target only those leads that fit into the ICP we defined since those are the leads that will most likely convert to paying customers.

You can provide us with the list of leads that you already have, so we can start preparing the campaign based on the leads you provide.

In the event that you don’t have any leads right now, our team of lead researchers can compile a list based on the ICP defined for the outreach campaign.* (separate lead research service)


3. Asset creation

By assets we mean – email sequences. We create these emails with three primary objectives in mind:

  • highlight your business’ unique value,
  • speak in a tone that your potential customers will respond to, and
  • get the conversation started.

All the emails we create are respectful, valuable for the recipients, are interesting and above all — they promote your brand image.

Once we have all the emails prepared, we send them over to you for review and after your feedback, we can proceed to the next step.


4. Setting up a timeline

Setting up a timeline is one of the most important steps of the process. By creating a streamlined plan, we know when each milestone needs to be completed in order for the whole campaign to be successful.

In our experience, three months is the optimal time for setting up a campaign. Anything less than three months is not enough time to receive measurable results.


5. Software integration

Email software that we use depends on the requirements of different campaigns and projects and we always aim to meet our client’s unique needs.

We manage all the software requirements on our end (meaning that we pay for the software subscriptions). The only thing we need your help with is creating an email account with a domain of your choice.


Campaign operations

6. Campaign operations

Even though our operations vary from day-to-day, we follow a set of guidelines. For example, we discovered that some days are better than others for initial contact. For example, emails sent between Tuesdays and Fridays tend to have a better response rate. Sometimes initial emails can slip from a recipient’s primary inbox into some other non-priority inbox. So, sending follow-up emails can be quite effective.

Our main goal in planning the operations of one campaign is doing the legwork, so you can focus on nurturing the conversations we start on your behalf.


7. Campaign monitoring

During the whole campaign, we closely monitor all the metrics. We test which subject lines have higher open rates, and we fine tune everything along the way. By doing that, we know what works and what doesn’t work for a particular campaign, and we then adjust accordingly not miss any opportunity.


8. Campaign updates

Communication is the key, so we like to stay in touch with our clients. Each week we create a “weekly summary”. It is a short report about the previous week — what happened for that week, any issues we ran into (if any), and what we have planned for the next week. That way, you are involved in the whole process and always up-to-date.


9. Market research insights

After the recommended time of three months from the start of the campaign, we create a general insights report. We share it with our clients for their internal use and reference. This report includes the overview of the whole campaign, what subject lines and email copies were successful and all the metrics that we collect over time.


How to get started

Getting this whole process started is as simple as scheduling a call with our team, so we can start the whole process as soon as possible. Let us do the legwork, start the conversation with your desired leads and assist you in closing deals faster.

Our email outreach team is ready to help you boost your sales and grow your revenue. Let’s schedule a call and talk about all the possibilities.

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